Metabolic Intensity For General Health With James FitzGerald

What is metabolic intensity, and why doesn’t it belong in the average person’s training program? This is just one of the topics that are addressed by today’s guest. James Fitzgerald, the founder of Opex Fitness, joins the podcast today to talk about broccoli, metabolic intensity, and training for health and longevity. Listen in to hear what James has to say about what fitness means to him, how to combat society’s trend away from movement, and what everyday athletes can learn from the way that elite athletes train.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • James’s background and what he does
  • The Opex Coaching Certificate Program
  • What fitness means to James
  • Whether we’ve lost our way in what fitness means for society today
  • What coaches can do to combat the lack of movement in society
  • How coaches can help clients define what fitness means to them
  • When James began to focus more on health and longevity
  • How the Crossfit Games have changed since James started them
  • What metabolic intensity is
  • Why metabolic intensity shouldn’t be part of the fitness prescription for general health
  • Where high-intensity metabolic training does fit in a training program
  • James’s approach to training for an aerobic base with clients
  • How mixed modal training works in a gym setting
  • What everyday people can learn from the way the elite athletes’ train
  • Opex’s lifestyle guidelines
  • What bathroom habits have to do with fitness
  • James’s thoughts on fitness tracking apps
  • New projects that James has in the works

Quotes From the Show:

“You need to determine, no matter where you are, what fitness means to you.”

“We have this massive opportunity for intake of information, but there’s really no reason for us to move around today.”

“You know it’s a sport when people don’t have to do well anymore, and they’re making 100k a year off body creams.”

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