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Our Strength Matters “member of the month”  is Paul Cowland. Paul entered the world of health and fitness late in life and now, getting very close to 50, Paul is living proof that anyone can reach their goals. We hear from Paul and his journey to “crushing the midlife crisis.”

“Six years ago I owned a hotel and a mortgage free home. What an amazing life I hear you say. But I was overweight, unhealthy, depress with two small children and a failing marriage. I was eating and drinking as a way of dealing with things. I thought things couldn’t get any worse….oh how wrong I was. Out of the blue, my wife was diagnosed with cancer and during the process of this massive news we both re-evaluated our lives and decided to split.”

“We stuck together to get through the ordeal and when she got the all clear, we parted. Then things got worse for me being plunged into single life with depression, but as the saying goes “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

So when I hit rock bottom there really was only one place left to go, for my sake and for my children. Not knowing how to turn my life around and feeling alone, I started running and soon found out that my worries and body issues were becoming smaller in equal amounts due to the exercise, fresh air, and better nutrition, which seems to naturally fall in line with life change. I soon became a stable person once again and felt an urge to tell everyone how good these simple changes make you feel. So naturally, I became a Personal Trainer.”

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“The question arose, what do I do now? I didn’t actually like gyms all that much. So, I started training people outside in the fresh air and I rented space all over Brighton, England. I quickly found that I was indeed a rookie and realized that I needed to deepen my knowledge and do my time in the trenches to learn my trade. I made a brave decision and canceled all my group classes and concentrated on individuals instead. This move allowed me to see every client as a challenge and a case study. I studied for my Level 4 Referral Diplomas in Exercise for lower back pain, obesity and type 2 diabetes. But after all these courses, I felt there was no support, forums or anyone to even discuss ideas and topics with.”

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“Since joining Strength Matters, I have definitely benefitted from one major thing that has opened up so many avenues, allowing me to deepen my knowledge and bettering me as a coach. This one thing is simple. Community. Meeting peers online and in person at the Strength Matters Summits and courses have provided a  spring board for improving my training and business technique. I have always been one to shy away from networking, but the members within the Strength Matters community simply feel like extended family members.”

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“As a single dad at 48, I’m here to not only say that it’s never too late to get in shape. I’m happy to say I still skateboard and play with the kids on the trampoline! Why can’t we play anymore and feel like we are getting old? We may be sedentary, tight and feel weak but this can and will change if you want it to. I have clients from all walks of life and one thing that we all share is the success in mobility, strength and increased knowledge of how to fuel ourselves.”

The Strength Matters online community has so many experts among us, that when I am faced with a client issue, I know I will always find an answer with the wonderful community that I am apart of.

“I owe a lot of my recent success to the teachings of Dan John and Dr. Perry Nickelston who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Strength Matters Summit last year and have since booked seminars with. Their teaching has allowed me to reboot the way I coach clients and also give me a deeper understanding on how the body works.

2017 is looking prosperous for me and my business as I plan to move into a bigger space in Brighton, where I can focus on my different programs, and seminars focusing on movement, strength, and flexibility. None of the above could really have been made possible without the courses, summits, and seminars I have attended through Strength Matters and even more the support from the community itself.”

[bctt tweet=”It has really taken me from feeling lost at sea in such a competitive market to allowing me to fund my place and my tribe.” username=””]

The Strength Matters family are behind Paul and his business 100%. We are very proud of you and glad you are a part of the community.

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