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Last week, we introduced Member Of The Month on our new Club Bulletin email. To start the ball rolling, we thought Matt Shore was the perfect candidate. Matt Shore is a Transformational Coach and Founder of Train Strong Personal Training. ( He is also a Level 3 PT, SMK1 Instructor, Bulgarian Bag Coach and IAM Tools Practitioner, based in Eastbourne, Sussex. Matt is passionate about learning and understands there is always something new to learn, be it a new technique, teaching point or ideas from another’s experience, and believes that the Strength Matters Certification, which he passed in September, gave him just this!


”I knew I wanted to experience something significant in terms of education, amongst like-minded people using a tool that I am truly passionate about – the kettlebell.” 

In addition, Matt had been training two clients for the certificate and it seemed like a great idea to not only be there to support them but also be immersed in it with them too.

”There is an energy that is incredibly powerful, inspiring, motivating and for me a sense of belonging.”

Matt believes the opportunities that the SMK have bought him is the chance to network with, bounce ideas off and share information that relates to similar practice and business. ”I think this is incredibly powerful and having felt, for a long time as a sole company owner somewhat on my own, its great to know there is a network of like-minded people I can connect with so easily.”


Social Media is a fantastic business tool which Matt is using to his advantage for his personal training and bootcamp company ‘Train Strong’ Matt works with a wide range of clients and walks of life. One of his most recent clients has been suffering from depression, lack of self-esteem and pain in their body which was limiting their ability to run.

Having suffered from depression himself, (and consequently looking back on it as one of the best things that happened to him) allowed him to help his client on a deeper level. ”It turned out that my client had very little body consciousness, struggled with any movement that required coordination and lacked a fundamental level of basic strength.”

Matt’s client’s body composition has completely changed, with the loss of “moobs” and a total turnaround in terms of self-belief and greater self-awareness. Others include a client whose confidence was shot from a previous experience with a trainer, lacked confidence and a lack of self-belief. Matt’s client now feels hugely confident and strong and and has gained a place in the London Marathon.

”I have another client who came to me feeling very unfit and suffered from Fibromyalgia.”

”During the last year, I have worked with them on their fitness which has transformed and enabled them to walk a marathon and run numerous 5k races pain-free. They are stronger than ever and the Fibromyalgia attacks that were fairly frequent, are now rare.” One of the things that resonated deeply with Matt recently was the Mark Fisher presentations at the Strength Matters Summit in London.

”My approach to fitness is to meet people where they are at, ask the deeper questions as to why they do what they do, to really try and see them for who they are and help them to reveal their own limitations and self-limiting patterns through dynamic conversation.”

”While I am no psychologist I am hugely intuitive and Marks talks echoed what my own experiences have shown me and that, as coaches, if we can learn to trust our gut feelings more about the people we work with, and get away from what the rule books say, with rigid plans and programs we can help people to a greater level in any given moment and ultimately help them to transform to a greater degree in the long term.”

Everyone at Strength Matters is behind Matt and all the great work he does. We watch you grow every day and help change peoples lives for the better. This is why you are Strength Matter’s Member Of The Month.


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