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Our Strength Matters member of the month is Jill Greenwood. Jill works with a wide client base in the area of habit and behavioral change, with years of experience working as a professional fitness coach and nutritional advisor.  During her 15 years working in the area of fitness and health, Jill has acquired a range of coaching qualifications, including multiple indoor and outdoor exercise classes, running technique, and performance based nutritional certificates.

Jill recently completed the Strength Matters Level 1 Kettlebell certification in Essex and was a fantastic candidate. We have been following Jill and all her brilliant work across her social media platforms, and with an exciting project in the pipeline, Jill Greenwood is our January ‘Member Of The Month’. We caught up with Jill to find out how life is after her Strength Matters Certification…

How has the SMK Level 1 Helped You As A Trainer?

I set out to complete the Strength Matters Certification as a way to bring me back to the ‘basics of training’ with the Kettlebell, which can easily be lost if you don’t monitor your own performance (in the way you do with clients). Having completed the certification, however, I feel I have gained so much more than this, not just on the day but since then.

The certification itself reminded me how much I love training with Kettlebells again. My confidence has then grown not just with ‘teaching clients’ ways to get around common issues. A hugely unexpected plus has been the business, marketing opportunities, and ideas that have come across from networking and feeling ‘part of a community’ that helps each other out, as opposed to being competitive.

Has Being Apart Of The Strength Matters Community Helped You?

Being a ‘self-employed personal trainer’ can get pretty lonely at times. I don’t have a team around me in the same way that trainers in corporate gyms may have. Being part of Strength Matters allows me to learn from trusted resources from trainers who I admire, respect, but who I also know are approachable. I love the way we share similar passions but at the same time, everyone has their own style. It helps me both learn but also, to think creatively at the same time. It’s easy to get lost in the world of fitness, especially now as we are bombarded with information on a daily basis. It can be difficult to wade through what will work for me and my style and clients and what to discount.

This is a huge pull for why I like to be part of a community. It feels a bit like I have a long distance ‘team’- Even if it is just checking out an Instagram post from an SM member to see a new idea for a hip stretch, or just reading different views in the facebook group- it all makes me feel like I am working ‘less alone’.

What Has Been The Biggest Success Of 2016 For You And Your Business?

[bctt tweet=”The biggest success I have had is my publishing deal with Penguin Random House for a nutritional recipe book.” username=””]

I wrote the book with my own clients in mind as a way to make nutritional choices easier for them and increase their daily intake of vegetables each day. Increasingly, I found that this was a basic gap that was missing with clients the more I looked at their weekly food logs.

Most people can identify and recognize ‘healthful food’s but they either lack the time or the inspiration of how to make food in advance. With my recipe book, SuperSlaw  (pre-order here) I wanted to combat both of these issues without being faddy or expensive. I’m a massive believer in making things convenient and simple for people to fit into a lifestyle or day to day choices, as this is just how the world works these days and where the needs lie.

The more that clients fed back that the recipes had helped them make changes to their diets- the more I thought about writing the book to share with others.

[bctt tweet=”I loved seeing my clients photos of their own creations!” username=””]

Initially, I just thought I would write an online ebook but with the right encouragement (and a lot of social media requests) I decided to take the plunge and try and get a literary agent. I had no idea how to get a publishing deal or how the whole process worked – and I had a lot of rejections along the way. It has been a very long and busy time for me trying to spin a lot of plates.

[bctt tweet=”I am very proud and I am having a fair few ‘pinch myself’ moment’s.” username=””]

Even though the concept is actually very simple it makes me feel super proud when a client who has struggled to get a good dose of vitamins and minerals into their diet, experiences healthful changes as a result of just prepping their food in a different way.

My confidence in putting myself ‘out there’ and feeling supported, has definitely grown by learning to surround myself with the right people and this includes Strength Matters as a huge part support network. There are so many highly respected trainers, fitness coaches, nutritionists out there who I have been in awe of and followed in the past, but over time I’ve learnt that just because someone is knowledgeable it doesn’t mean they share the same views or perspectives about how to live healthfully and with good ‘online soul and presence’. This is the biggest learning curve for me as a trainer and one that I am thankful to Strength Matters and the contacts I have made through you the community.

[bctt tweet=”As the saying goes, ’strength is most certainly an attitude’.” username=””]

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