Maximum Aerobic Power: Behind The Scenes With The New Book

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What falls in between the aerobic threshold and the anaerobic threshold? How do you train the cardiovascular system? And what does strength have to do with it? These are some of the subjects tackled in today’s conversation with James Breese. Listen in to hear about James’s new book, Maximum Aerobic Power Training. You’ll also learn more about mountain climbing, using fat as a source of fuel, and the importance of monitoring your heart rate while training.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • James’s weekend trip to Snowdon for mountain climbing
  • James’s heart rate climbing the mountain
  • Using fat as a fuel source while mountain climbing
  • How to get average people training
  • The anaerobic threshold
  • The aerobic threshold
  • How you train the cardiovascular system
  • What strength has to do with the anaerobic threshold
  • How to train in the middle zone between the aerobic and anaerobic threshold
  • Why strength is a massive part aerobic power training
  • Why you shouldn’t jump to running too quickly
  • Whether people need to look at heart rate from the first or add it in later on
  • The importance of volume and consistency

Quotes From the Show:

“Running should be a pleasant experience.”


“If we can train the body below the aerobic threshold, we are building a robust aerobic energy system.”


“One of the best ways to build your aerobic base is to walk more.”

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