It’s All In the Hips!

Have you ever felt like you can’t quite do some of the things you used to be able to do? That’s probably because your hips aren’t as mobile as they once were. In this podcast, we’ll talk about all things hip mobility – what it is, why it’s important, and how you can improve yours. Stay tuned.


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Season 3: Episode 47 | It's All in the Hips!


[00:00:00] Josh Kennedy: Welcome to the Fit Over Thirty podcast, the podcast for people over 30, who want to lose weight, get stronger and live better.

[00:00:06] Voice Man: The big question is this how are successful everyday athletes over 30, like us who work hard who don't have much time and are always having to juggle life and family. How are we able to live a pain-free athletic lifestyle?

[00:00:19] Voice Man: How do we train? What do we eat? And what do we do different that allows us to get the most out of life, but still have time for all our hobbies, family and friends. That is the question. And this podcast will give you the answers. Welcome to the fit over 30 podcast.

[00:00:35] Josh Kennedy: I'm your host, Josh Kennedy. If you're new to the podcast, it's great to have you here.

[00:00:39] Josh Kennedy: It's a beautiful sunny Monday morning. Is it sunny in Wales, James

[00:00:43] James Breese: Breese? It is, but do you know where it's sunnier in the Alps.

[00:00:46] Josh Kennedy: Oh gosh. Oh dear. Oh dear. You're supposed to be skiing this week, but your girlfriend and broke her wrist. Can we have a little violin, please? Let minutes smallest violin,

[00:00:56] James Breese: sad times people sad times. No. [00:01:00] Unfortunately, poor Kat.

[00:01:01] James Breese: She fell over and broke her wrist within the last 10 minutes of the last snowboarding lesson before, we went to go away this weekend.

[00:01:09] Josh Kennedy: Okay. How's she doing? She alright?

[00:01:11] James Breese: She's doing, she went to the hospital this morning. Dropped her off. I kicked her out and broke the other arm.

[00:01:16] Josh Kennedy: Did you stop,

[00:01:16] Josh Kennedy: did you just drive by and opened the door and push her out?

[00:01:20] Josh Kennedy: Basically

[00:01:20] James Breese: all the above? No, that's just fine. It actually said that she might not need an operation now, which is good news. Because it's sets, but they've manipulated it back in, into the right area. There was a video floating around my post on Facebook of me, what had been carted off the slopes.

[00:01:35] Josh Kennedy: Um, she thought she'd really appreciate that.

[00:01:37] James Breese: I told you, she's already saying to everyone, to everyone else anyways, but yeah, no shit. She's doing all right. Just a bit like it, she looks like one of those, those cats you get in Chinese restaurants, the wavy hand.

[00:01:48] Josh Kennedy: Anyway, get better soon, Kat. Anything else you want to add before we crack on with today's podcast, which is called it's all in the hips.

[00:01:55] Josh Kennedy: What about hips? Strength, hip pain, hip mobility, cracking [00:02:00] on with today

[00:02:01] Josh Kennedy: only happy Gilmore is going to, he keeps saying that I

[00:02:04] Josh Kennedy: have seen happy Gilmore, but not for a long time. So I don't get your reference. What's your

[00:02:07] James Breese: reference? He says it's all in the hips. Like he starts going golfing one. Yes.

[00:02:13] Josh Kennedy: The golfing one was

[00:02:13] James Breese: The golfing one

[00:02:14] James Breese: isn't it? Yeah. Golfing one about rotation,

[00:02:17] James Breese: What's happened to you? and your film references today? References today.

[00:02:20] Josh Kennedy: Sorry. Sorry. Terrible. Like I said, I've not seen, I don't really like happy Gilmore. I think it's very steep. It's not, it's not a great, in my opinion. Oh, you're talking to films actually. Let's get back. They access it. It was the latest episode.

[00:02:32] Josh Kennedy: The topic wasn't I think it was on before Christmas they had the DeLorean. We were talking about John DeLorean, then they, the story behind the building, the DeLorean, I haven't

[00:02:41] Josh Kennedy: seen that. What is that

[00:02:42] Josh Kennedy: Top Gear people they want to play?? He asked me to get watching it is the coolest movie car

[00:02:47] James Breese: ever. Do you want us to get a sneak to get watching?

[00:02:50] James Breese: Is the new Boba Fett stuff? Episode five is one of the best ones so far. Not gonna no spoilers, but you need to go with Wednesday,

[00:02:55] Josh Kennedy: When's Obi Wan coming out?

[00:02:57] Josh Kennedy: But we haven't finished up Boba Fett. Can I get a [00:03:00] chance to finish Hawker yet? Oh my God. And I

[00:03:06] Josh Kennedy: know anyway. Yeah. It's all in the hips. That's what we call one of our mobility things.

[00:03:12] James Breese: Exactly.

[00:03:13] James Breese: Yep. We've got a, oh gosh, where do we start? Because you've had some hip issues, we've got a client of ours. You've got some issues going on at the moment as Dr. Perry says where you think it is at eights, and that might be quite appropriate gone. James, talk about, what's been going on with you first then?

[00:03:29] James Breese: Yeah.

[00:03:29] James Breese: So the last three to four weeks, three to four, three to four weeks, I've had some issues in my right hip. It just gets really tight and. Almost a little bit like piriformis syndrome. Like not that it's sassy pain down my leg, but I'll sit. I'll try and sit up and then suddenly I've got like a massive spasms.

[00:03:52] James Breese: I looked like a Crip. I'm like, let you go. Ah, like it first happened in the cinema and I was like, ah, I can't get up. People just looking at waiting [00:04:00] me to move. I was like, my God, my, my legs. It's my answers. So I started coming around here. So we've, we've changed our training plan recently. There's a lot more volume involved at the moment.

[00:04:08] James Breese: It's all about volume intensity. It's going well, definitely getting stronger. However, this issue around the hip was coming up. So I had to see a massage therapist, like always on my right side, all the hip issues in the past, we found stuff in my right hamstring release that, but it actually made it worse.

[00:04:25] James Breese: Um, by releasing it it's easy coaching people and doing things. We were looking from a claim perspective and you're not in pain. You always look at things easier and you can always, we can always help, which I've experienced. But when it's your own, you always go smash, smash. Let's just release that sucker and just play around with it.

[00:04:40] James Breese: So I did that before and I was like, yeah, this ain't getting anywhere at all. Like it, it come on Thursday, just gone. We had an hour and a half session of massage, even deep knee needles into the performance area, which was the issue. And it wasn't going in no release at all. Like it was just clinging. It was most stubborn muscles.

[00:04:58] James Breese: As grace said she's ever [00:05:00] seen in her life. It wouldn't release at all. So came away from that session, Kate and move well, when. But I was like, Nope, I need to think. What would Dr. Perry say exactly? What would Perry do or probably Nicholas and say, and what would we do if I was teaching the clients are like, okay, let's think about this out loud.

[00:05:15] James Breese: Okay. So if your problems are the hip on one side, I'm talking about muscular issues. Now, if there's like actually bones and joint issues and it's a whole different ball, go and see a specialist and we'll get to that in a second. I was like, okay, if it's this one with my right performance, which we've discovered, what was which leading into the hip here.

[00:05:32] James Breese: What would Perry do? Look at the other side. So it guess what I did some basic muscle testing. And what did it show? It showed? I have a weak ass and you have a weak ass, I say a week or so. So like here, but it ties into the piriformis on the muscle testing each no resistance. It just like it just keeled over.

[00:05:50] James Breese: Say when my soul was my left side, I was like, huh. Okay. So side is grumpy. Because my left side [00:06:00] eight switching,

[00:06:00] Josh Kennedy: anything it's totally switched off. So

[00:06:02] James Breese: let's see what's going on. So what that I do, I did some muscle activation stuff on my left piriformis. First of all, I released it to the rail system, released the air, an issue for 30 to 60 seconds, went to activate the left side myself.

[00:06:16] James Breese: And my left performance and then started do some integration work to get the most controlled, everything switched on fight on guess what instantly happened? My ass cheek released, but not perfectly, but it's like being better last few days so much so that the runs I feel now were so much lighter. I went for a run that morning.

[00:06:37] James Breese: Ah, I can start running again. The hips are so important for the powerhouse for the whole rest of the body. If your problems with your hips, again, same with the court, you're going to struggle to develop power and put down power, particularly when you're running and people neglect the hips all the time, mobility and the muscles and ligaments and tendons, all, everything around it that needs to be firing as well.

[00:06:57] James Breese: So the point is if you've got hip issues, [00:07:00] And it's not bone related and that's why you muscular here. We just start talking muscular. Then don't focus on the same side. Look at the opposite side. Because that Morphin not is the issue that needs to be addressed. And it was a timely reminder for me and for other people working with them.

[00:07:19] James Breese: And plus we say, w

[00:07:19] Josh Kennedy: as Perry says where you think it is it eight, you've always got to look at the opposite side, but if you've got knee pain, you might need to look at your look, look above and below. So lucky. Yeah, look at your hips, but also with hips, you might need to look at your opposite side shoulder as well.

[00:07:33] Josh Kennedy: Any issues with your left to shoulders going on or anything?

[00:07:37] James Breese: Nothing at the moment, like I said, snowboarding injuries. I've definitely fallen over quite a few times. So you got the,

[00:07:43] Josh Kennedy: yeah, exactly. So it depends obviously client to client, but you might have, if you've got hip pain, Left hip say you might have a problem with your right shoulder, perhaps.

[00:07:52] Josh Kennedy: So just always look at the above below opposite sides. You might find something going on and see, you got to still do it. You release work how many [00:08:00] you, but then you need to look at the other side, just might be being a little bit lazy to switch that soccer on. And I just say we follow Perry's rail system release.

[00:08:09] Josh Kennedy: Activate. Yeah,

[00:08:11] James Breese: exactly. I was worth me. So if people have got tight piriformis or prepare for my, is that this plural Paris? I had no idea. So let's say someone's got tight piriformis. What's worked well for me is the release part, the activating work. Now what I do for the activation. There's a drill that you lie on your front, and then you learn if I'm bringing these up and push your heels together, and then you lift your lower back up.

[00:08:37] James Breese: And it literally turns on both piriformis would light up like a Christmas tree. It's really good. However, it works in both the same time. So that's what I do with that. But then you've got the band at work. So all these stupid clamshell drills, you see all the girls doing, we're like 18 years old and the gym at the moment.

[00:08:53] James Breese: They're really good activation drills activating the right. It's a lot of clamshell work, a lot of [00:09:00] crab walks. I mean, doing a little bit predominantly on the left side. Cause that's the issue that we're having band walks, band walks. Yeah. So I've been doing that to activate that stuff and get it firing again, but then setting it as well.

[00:09:14] James Breese: Like the neural patterning I've been doing, it's almost like dead bugs to like opposites, try and sequence up the whole move and say, Hey, it's okay to do it with some rolling work in between. But the key thing, as well as stretching, that's actually helped. Because it seems like it's so tight and short as the issue.

[00:09:30] James Breese: We're on my online one here. So I've done the release work on the activation work and the integration work. I actually stretched and spent time stretching it out as well. So it's allowing me to stretch deeper into it and actually help

[00:09:41] Josh Kennedy: indeed. So stuff to think about there and. I suppose say lots of volume, lots of volumes, but generally it lightweight, right?

[00:09:50] Josh Kennedy: Yeah,

[00:09:50] James Breese: exactly. We may do an article, a video about this later down the line, but we've seen the numbers. We at the

[00:09:56] Josh Kennedy: numbers, I was like, I don't know what you're talking

[00:09:58] James Breese: about. [00:10:00] It's a lot of math involved, but what's happened each week. My numbers have gone up.

[00:10:04] Yep.

[00:10:05] Josh Kennedy: As long as it's going up, uh, put that

[00:10:07] James Breese: conceptually, the volume, the bench press is, is considerable.

[00:10:10] James Breese: The military press. I finally broke 82 reps so , if you want to have a sample it's, uh, So the goal is to do a hundred reps of military breast barbell in 10 minutes. It's an email 10 retain. And where I am at the moment is Annmarie finally got to 82 reps as part of the program up from, was it 59 60?

[00:10:30] Josh Kennedy: Something like that? Yeah, I

[00:10:31] James Breese: think so. Yeah, exactly. Which one it is. It's tasty. I think that's the best way to put it. Definitely. So I'm getting wider, accomplished through doors. No, but it's definitely, my numbers are incredibly. Um, with my leg, single leg barbell lunges on Saturday was the highest I've done so far on the easiest.

[00:10:52] James Breese: Let's say we can do a

[00:10:53] Josh Kennedy: whole article podcast about the whole getting delve into it properly.

[00:10:57] James Breese: Exactly. But put it this way. So [00:11:00] I say to people here. In terms of white volume. I'm looking at, I'm doing this on less than 50% of my max, right? Yeah. Yeah. That's where

[00:11:08] Josh Kennedy: I'm going. Exactly. But once you hit certain numbers, you then increase weight, et cetera.

[00:11:12] Josh Kennedy: Volume, intensity density. Yeah. That's what we're manipulating there. The three variables, I think I said it was just a very quick one this morning about hips, hip mobility, as we say, what are you going to do? Release the painful area. With some exercises clamshells or Chapman Chatman bikes. You can do some chaplain point work as well, integrate with some rockin rolling crawling patterns on the floor.

[00:11:34] Josh Kennedy: You should keep your, keep your brain nice and safe. It likes to do things on the floor where it feels good. And then a Locomote, which just get up and go

[00:11:45] James Breese: that's it doing actually has got hip issues. The first thing we look at with anybody with us. Is, can you sit and deep squat for at least five minutes?

[00:11:53] James Breese: So here's a little test for you if you, you probably think, oh, if I got hip issues, what would we

[00:11:58] Josh Kennedy: do that? But there's also the internal, [00:12:00] external hip rotation mobility as well. Exactly.

[00:12:03] James Breese: I can't describe that as too. We can't

[00:12:05] Josh Kennedy: describe that now. So just do the deep squats.

[00:12:07] James Breese: Let's do the, I left. Just for ease. So it complicate things over there.

[00:12:13] James Breese: It's good. Obviously that tests your ankles and your thoracic spine as well. Everything here, it's a good integration, but it's a good indicator as well. If he can't do there's issues that need to be addressed sooner, rather lent it. So it's all in the hips. Happy Gilmore for the references out there. Josh, go, we'll go.

[00:12:27] James Breese: And Bush,

[00:12:28] Josh Kennedy: sorry. I'm gonna have to brush up on my maybe trivia. That's usually my strong point. Absolutely terrible. Sorry about that. We've just released our nutrition diet. The 30 plus diet method, where can people get ahold of that? And also if people want help work and they get hold of,

[00:12:43] James Breese: yeah. Cool. So if anyone's interested in, on you a diet book, the 30 plus diet method, they can zoom over to strength master com forward slash nutrient, and they can get the book there, honestly, like it's one of the best pieces of work we've done.

[00:12:55] James Breese: Like I'm not going to, I really don't want to lie about it now. It is always so much information in there. It's [00:13:00] crazy. It's a step by step formula. I can't say enough things about it, whether you think you need it or not. There's some new stuff. But people will be going, ah, I solves the mystery of that world.

[00:13:10] James Breese: There please go have I've look at it and really appreciate it. And then yeah, as ever guys, if you want, we're always here to help you. That's our job. We're in the health business. We want to help you achieve your goals. Cheever's up to get to where you want to get. So you've got to speak to us anytime at all.

[00:13:23] James Breese: Strength forward slash call. And you have a little chat with me. There's no, no two ways about it. It's central booking a call. We'll have a little messaged back and forth beforehand to the Siegler mobile. That's how we work and do things. And we'll get on the call and have a chat. I mean like me and Josh right now, it's absolutely nothing.

[00:13:39] James Breese: Nothing untoward, no hard sales or anything like that only yet. Yeah, unless we don't just don't do that, but yeah, I'll have to have a chat with you if you're struggling, anything needs some pointers as well. That's what we're here for. So straight forward slash cool. And you'll speak to me directly for next month.

[00:13:54] Josh Kennedy: Fantastic. Thank you for that, James. Thank you guys for listening. We'll sign up now until next time. [00:14:00]

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