Is Online Personal Training Right For Me?

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Is online training right for you? The answer is: it depends. In today’s episode, you’ll hear more about online training, including the benefits and the disadvantages of this type of training. Listen in to find out more about what the different options for online training are, which styles of online training might be right for you, and what you might want to look for in an online trainer or training program. More knowledge about online training can help you decide whether or not online training is the best choice for you.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How skiing on powder is different from skiing on compact snow
  • The proposal to change food labels to show what it would take to burn off the calories in that food item
  • Different options for online training
  • What to look for in an online coach or trainer
  • What style of online training might work for you
  • Disadvantages of online training
  • How online training helps address more hours in the week
  • Some of the best online trainers and training programs

Quotes From the Show:

“What online training or remote coaching does, it frees up your time and gives you time back – James Breese.

“A good coach will be able to tailor the workout he may have already planned for you that day based on how you are when you walk into the room.” –James Breese

“Daily interaction is key. It’s knowing someone’s there in your back corner, supporting you no matter what you’ve done.” —James Breese

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