Interview: The Importance of Barefoot Shoes with Galahad Clark

Did you know that wearing the wrong shoes can actually change the shape of your feet from foot-shaped to shoe-shaped? Today’s guest has learned a lot about the anatomy of feet and how shoes affect your feet.

Galahad Clark is the CEO and co-founder of Vivobarefoot. Galahad is a 7th generation shoemaker who learned about the shoe business growing up. He studied Chinese and Anthropology in college and set up a charity: Students for Students. He began his first shoe project in 2003. Listen in to hear what Galahad has to say about how science has influenced the design of Vivobarefoot, why going barefoot is healthy, and how Vivobarefoot is working to be sustainable.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How Galahad ended up studying Chinese and Anthropology in college
  • Galahad’s experiences with Wu Shoes, United Nude, and Worn Again shoes
  • How Galahad began learning about biomechanics and foot anatomy
  • Whether there were manufacturers making anything similar to Vivobarefoot shoes when Galahad started
  • How long it took Vivobarefoot to settle on a design
  • How ordinary shoes can damage the feet
  • The science behind Vivobarefoot shoes
  • The importance of the big toe
  • The best way to transition to barefoot shoes
  • Vivobarefoot’s sustainability
  • The material used in Vivobarefoot shoes
  • The discount for sending old Vivobarefoot shoes back
  • The Live Barefoot fund


Galahad Clark



Quotes From the Show:

“Funny enough, shoemakers are very poorly trained in foot anatomy and biomechanics.” –Galahad Clark


“One of the first tools we ever made was simple foot coverings because we don’t have hooves or pads.” –Galahad Clark


“Most westerners are walking around with shoe-shaped, weak feet.” –Galahad Clark


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