How To Instantly Improve Your Posture (And Mood) At Work

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Here are three things anyone can do immediately to change the workday and instantly improve posture and mood. (Plus a bonus hack at the end!)

  1. Joint mobility
  2. Move every 50-minutes
  3. Audit your desk ASAP

Check out the bonus hack at the bottom from the only female head athletic trainer in American professional sports league’s history (super cool, right?).

Joint mobility

Did you know that your joints rely on you for movement because they have no active blood flow? The cartilage between your bones has very limited ability to repair themselves, so the more you move them, the more oxygen, blood flow and healthy nutrients they get.

Not only does joint mobility help with blood flow and cartilage repair it also produces D.O.S.E. dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins; all of which your brain really likes a shot. Try this easy two-minute drill and see how you feel after.

When you train your joints to move through different angles, speeds, and loads, you prevent future injury. This is why maintaining your joint health is super important. Most people only care about rehabilitation after an injury. Don’t wait that long because by then it’s too late. Start preparing your brain and body for weird angles and gain your brain’s trust. Try terming it pre-habilitation.

Move every 50 minutes

Set a timer on your phone. Make an appointment in your calendar. Honor your word. Do whatever you have to do. Motivational quotes, powerful affirmations, whatever floats your boat—just somehow, someway do something that requires movement for two whole minutes every 50-90 minutes and I promise you, you will be more productive at work.  

If you really don’t have two minutes, then you can shoot for one minute. Don’t know what to do? Here is a great site that will send you an email daily with a program that you can do at your desk. It’s designed for the Everyday Athlete who works in the seated position.

It’s time for a desk audit (but you already knew that)

I am calling you out right now. Audit your desk and actually invest in your posture and health at the place where you spend the most time—work. Your hips are flexed, your neck curved and your head is forward more than you are lengthened, limber and active. The truth hurts, I know.

Let’s be responsible adults and set up your workstation like an adult. Do not settle for a poor set up. Need some guidance for what to do? We’ve got you covered. Here is a free posture guide. Your environment at work is the #1 thing you need to change immediately because you spend most of your life there. Please order this book to educate yourself and get empowered.

Drum roll, please…Here is your bonus hack from one of the smartest women in the industry!

“Take all your calls standing.” — Sue Falsone

Watch her quick video HERE from our Strength Matters Summit 2017!

Simple. Brilliant. Effective.

Do it.

Until next time my friends, keep moving.

How To Instantly Improve Your Posture (And Mood) At Work
Article Name
How To Instantly Improve Your Posture (And Mood) At Work
Here are three things anyone can do immediately to change the workday and instantly improve posture and mood. (Plus a bonus hack at the end!) Joint mobility Move every 50-minutes Audit your desk ASAP
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Strength Matters
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  • Tamra

    I love how these small tweaks can make such a HUGE difference! SO awesome!! Thank you for what you do!

    • Shana Irani

      These tips are so simple and easy for me to remember. Thank you Missy for such a great article! I am SO sharing this!!!

  • Darius

    Awesome, simple, tips to help improve your working environment. I’m going to implement these right now! Thank you!

  • Phil McDougall

    #aweseom!! Please can we have 90’s hip hop kick in at the beginning of the next movement snack? Great work and super useful, Bunch!

  • Heidi Schindlbeck

    Awesome advice! Worth reading and implementing into your life!!

  • Terry Steenrod

    Should it be discovered that this amazing woman Missy, is one day going to join our family, it could for some, delegitimize this post…but IT SHOULD NOT! I have seen and heard this girl speak & present and work with clients, and…she knows her stuff. TRUST ME when I say that Missy’s energy is all about continuously learning more to HELP you with your pain and movement issues. Don’t believe me? Ask for her references then put her on your team.

  • Laura

    Yes this is so awesome! These are super helpful for me personally and my clients. I appreciate all of these movements. Thanks for sharing this great info!!

    • James Breese

      You’re welcome!

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