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I Really Love It, ALL of It!

"I love the Inner Circle! and thanks for a wonderful magazine, I really love it, ALL of it! 🤩 This is the first magazine that I’ve read from cover to cover. Usually in magazines there’s always at least one or two articles that don’t really interest you, but in “Fit over thirty” everything is interesting and well written. I also want to say that last issue’s article “Grip of steel” made me really happy since I’m an OCR athlete myself, and it’s rare to find articles on our sport." ~ Susanne Hives

Going to the Mail Box at the Beginning of the Month is a Lot of Fun Again!

It's so awesome being a part of this community. I loved this month’s Fit Over Thirty. I already started reading ‘Successful Aging’ this month’s selection from the Head Space section. Also dug right into the book ‘Breathe‘ from the first issue. As a 65 year old and recent trail runner I poured over the article on the human heart and cardio training. It is so awesome having this wealth of information coming monthly to my door. Going to the mail box at the beginning of the month is a lot of fun again. Thanks Strength Matters!👊🏻" ~ Mark Vollmer

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That's right. Just for saying "maybe", we'll send you the latest issue of our coveted print magazine, Fit Over Thirty, to your door, for FREE! No catch, no gimmicks. Nada, zip. We'll ship it to you for FREE, and pay for the shipping! However, time is of the essence... We only have a limited amount of magazines we can ship each month, and when they're gone, they're gone. Consider it an ethical bribe! My sincerest hope is that when you get a copy in your hands and see how good it is, you'll consider upgrading to Silver Membership, that's the only catch!

A Selection of Episodes from the Strength Matters Insider Podcast ($97 Value)

If you like our #1 rated Fit Over Thirty podcast, then you'll love our Insider Podcast, a podcast for Inner Circle Members only. We release up to two episodes a week and cover health, fitness, nutrition, strength, and cardio topics in greater depth. We leave no stone unturned with the Strength Matters Training System. As a Bronze member, we'll grant you special permission of one episode per month, just for being on the inside. (Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members get unlimited access).

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Silver members receive monthly masterclasses on specific topics. As a Bronze Inner Circle Member, we'll give you select access to some of our monthly live masterclasses that you can attend live or watch in your own time.

A Selection of Great E-Books ($249 Value)

We'll provide you with a selection of our very best FREE e-books, including: Secrets to Their Success, The 30:30 Blueprint, The Strength Matters System of Athletic Development and a select few others. These free e-books offer inspiration and clear cut advice to help you get started on your own fitness journey. With helpful tips, step-by-step instructions, and expert advice from those who have been there before, These are great guides to help you with your long-term fitness success.

A Selection of FREE Video Courses, Including The Strength Matters Training System ($97 Value)

The Strength Matters Training System provides a proven way to put all the pieces of fitness together, to deliver great results like clockwork. We'll share with you the complete breakdown of the Strength Matters Model of Fitness, the Strength Matters Scoring System, and The Strength Matters Hierarchy of Athletic Development. In this exclusive training course you'll leave with an in-depth understanding of the Strength Matters System.

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