Welcome To HQ

Humility. Excellence. Respect.

A value-based, purpose-driven culture is the foundation of everything we do at Strength Matters. And it starts with humility.

We believe in a culture of asking and re-asking questions to achieve clarity of the task at hand. Humility allows us to ask this simple question again and again: How can we do this better?

Our goal is for everything that we create and cultivate—our magazine, digital media, training programs, workshops, working culture, and relationships—to live up to the tenets of our core values. We acknowledge that we are entirely responsible for our own reputation, the level of success we achieve, the brand image we create, and the contributions we make to the fitness industry.

Our motto—Seek Adventure. Be Curious. Train With Purpose—is underpinned by a deep, yearning desire to stay humble, achieve true excellence and earn the respect of others.