How to Workout Like Shang-Chi

Today, we chat with James about the latest Marvel superhero – Shang-Chi and the workout the actor Simu Liu apparently followed to get that superhero body. We chat about the problem with the media portrayal of these workouts as “all you need to do” which is of course not true at all.

These actors have teams of people working with them, focusing on their diet and lifestyle in conjunction with these workout sessions PLUS – this is what they do for a living – they do not have a job or much else to worry about. So don’t put these unrealistic expectations on your body.

Discussion points:


  • Introduction to working out like a superhero
  • The Workout
  • The problem with the workout
  • The workout the Fit over Thirty way
  • James’ 5 steps to look like Shang Chi



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Shang-Chi workout




“So if your objection is to become a hot sweaty mess, and sore, and potentially get injured from the workout, you’re going to peddle [on the assault bike] as hard as you can for 5 minutes.” – James Breese


“We can tear the whole workout apart, but this is the worrying thing – it’s the media portraying what these guys need to do to get to have superhero bodies.”  – James Breese


“Remember these guys have a whole team working with them.”  – James Breese



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