How to Workout Like Daniel Craig

Today we get into the nitty-gritty details of training to be James Bond. If you’ve listened to our podcasts before, you’ll know that it’s no secret that becoming ripped and built like these actors usually are, is about much more than just their workout and training plans. In fact, their diet has a much larger impact on the way they look. However, we do discuss a few key workout types that you should probably incorporate into your in your training program if you are looking to become an international super-spy…

Discussion points:


  • James Bond actors – history
  • Staying in “James Bond” -shape
  • It’s more about the diet than the workout
  • What are the requirements for the James Bond workout?
  • Mental fatigue also associated with the acting



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“James Bond [Daniel Craig] this time, he needed a bit more time because he’s that much older, to be able to achieve what he wanted to get to.” – James Breese


“The older you get (and the less experienced), the more dangerous sprinting becomes, because it can lead to injury.” – James Breese


“Let’s also remember, that is his job, and he’s done nothing else apart from train for James Bond. He didn’t have to go to the office 9-5.”  -Josh Kennedy



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