How to Train Like a New Zealand All Black w/Nic Gill

Our guest – well technically it’s just me (James) today – so MY guest is Nic Gill. Nic is a professional strength and conditioning coach, best known for his work in rugby – thanks to seventeen years of working in the sport. For the last eleven years – Nic has been the strength and conditioning coach for the New Zealand All Blacks.

An interesting chat with a really great guy – Nic shares some details on how he trains the New Zealand All Blacks with more than just numbers. We talk about how Nic’s training methods can be used by everyday athletes

Discussion points:

  • Wales vs New Zealand rugby match happening in Cardiff
  • Nic’s history in training professionally
  • How Nic’s training has evolved over the years
  • Team part of the training of the All Blacks
  • Body weight and body composition importance in fitness
  • “Coaching” the team members on good nutrition
  • Nic’s philosophy around nutrition
  • Nic’s philosophy around training and building muscle
  • How much muscle weight is too much?
  • Endurance training for the All Black team
  • Nic’s tips for Everyday Athletes



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“That’s probably how I’ve changed over the last 20 years, from chasing numbers to chasing athletic performance in a global sense.” – Nic Gill



“Eating well should be the cornerstone of anyone’s healthy lifestyle change. Eat clean whole food – real food, and watch your portions and you won’t carry body fat.” – Nic Gill


“Training is the easy part. It’s the sleep, the stretching, cold baths, eating the right amount of food and the right type of food, it’s all those things that are hard to do.” – Nic Gill




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