How to Train for Fat Loss

What are the four horsemen of the fat loss apocalypse? In today’s episode, James Breese joins the podcast to continue the discussion about fat loss – this time moving away from nutrition to talk about the specifics of fat loss workouts. Listen in to hear what James has to say about the four elements of fat loss workouts, how much you should be lifting, and what a fat loss training program looks like over the course of a week.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Fat loss workouts
  • The four horsemen of the fat loss apocalypse
    • Heavy lifting
    • Lactate-inducing lifting
    • Aerobic work
    • Anaerobic work
  • How much you should be lifting
  • Circuits for fat loss
  • Why people don’t see results when they program-hop
  • How someone can work their way toward being strong enough for lifting
  • How the program looks over the course of a week


The Strength Matters System

Quotes From the Show:

“Unless you’re lifting at least 1.5 times bodyweight for women – maybe down to 1.25 sometimes – and 2 times bodyweight for men, you’re not in the ballpark of being strong enough.” –James Breese


“Aerobic work is so important, not just for your health and your heart, but performance.” –James Breese


“You can’t out-train your diet for optimal results.” –James Breese

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