How To Train For And Survive The Marathon Des Sables

It can be both daunting and exciting to push yourself to take on a new challenge that tests your limits. The Marathon des Sables is nothing if not challenging – it’s a multi-day marathon that covers 250 kms and takes place in the Sahara desert. In today’s episode, you’ll meet one of the athletes who has taken on that incredible challenge.

Michelle Steenhuis is a personal trainer and strongwoman. Michelle joins the podcast today to talk about her experience competing in the Marathon des Sables. Listen to the episode to hear how Michelle ended up signing up for the marathon, what the training process was like, and where she finished at the end of the race.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Michelle’s background
  • How Michelle got into personal training
  • Michelle’s experience with Commando Temple
  • What it’s like to be a woman in the fitness industry
  • The Marathon des Sables
  • How Michelle trained for the Marathon des Sables
  • What the terrain was like during the marathon
  • How Michelle approached nutrition during the marathon
  • What it was like when Michelle first arrived at the marathon
  • How the race progressed
  • How marathon participants know where they’re going when it gets dark
  • What the weather was like during the marathon
  • Dealing with blisters during the marathon
  • How Michelle felt at the end of the race, and where she finished
  • Advice for listeners thinking about taking on the Marathon des Sables

Links and Resources:

Michelle Steenhuis
Michelle on Instagram

Marathon des Sables


“I don’t really differentiate myself from male trainers.”

“I saw what a challenge it was for him, so I had to kind of give it a go to see if I could beat him.”

“It was nice to be in your own headspace and just detach from life.”

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