How To Train For And Pass SEALFIT Kokoro

There are many programs out there for athletes that are looking for ways to push themselves to their physical and mental limits. But most programs designed for civilians don’t measure up to the kinds of training that military members endure in order to serve their country. However, today’s guest joins the podcast today to talk about his experience with a program that’s designed to mimic one of the most difficult challenges military members can face – a training program based on the U.S Navy SEALs “hell week”.

Jason Kane is a trainer at Impact Strength and Fitness in Dublin. In addition to his other qualifications, Jason is a skilled martial artist and one of the leading kettlebell instructors in Ireland. In today’s episode, Jason describes what it was like to participate in SEALFIT Kokoro, a 50-hour training program designed to push athletes to their limits and build mental toughness. Listen to the episode to hear more about Jason’s background and about what it was like to live through one of the most challenging training programs available to civilians today.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The training academy at Impact Strength and Fitnessxc
  • What it means to be a beast tamer
  • The hardest part of beast tamer training for Jason
  • SEALFIT Kokoro
  • The biggest thing that Jason needed to work on when he started training
  • Jason’s experiences during SEALFIT training

Links and Resources:

Impact Strength and Fitness

Email: [email protected]


“As soon as you start blaming people, you’re on a downward spiral.”

“You go from “what the hell am I doing?” to “no, I’ve got this.”

“Listen, nobody’s shooting at me here. There are no bullets whizzing around my head, no bombs going off. All I have to do is just stay in this moment and keep one foot going after the next.”

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