How To Start Your Brand New Fitness Plan The Right Way

Fitness resolutions are common in the new year. But what is the best way to get started on a fitness resolution? What kind of steps will give you the kind of start that will help enable you to follow through until you meet your goal? In today’s episode, James Breese explains some of the first steps toward keeping fitness resolutions for 2020.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Priorities for 2020
  • Where to start with new year goals
  • Health assessments
  • Weight and body fat
  • Step averages
  • Sleep averages
  • Heart health
  • Why mouth breathing is bad
  • Sit and rise tests

Quotes From the Show:

“If it’s quite generic, we know from experience that it’s hard to stick to and it’s easy to break those resolutions.” –James Breese

“Most people, particularly men, particularly in their 30s, they very much underestimate their body weight and body fat percentage.”  –James Breese

“By breathing through your nose, you can take up to 30% more oxygen.” –James Breese

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