How to Start Your 2022 Fitness Journey the Right Way

Today we discuss the common mistakes people make starting an overambitious new fitness plan in the new year. From deciding to follow trendy, sexy, “30-day programs” posted by Instagram influencers, to skipping important assessment steps, jumping right into these short-term programs that promise a quick fix will set you up for long-term failure.  Let us help set you straight on how NOT to begin a new fitness system in 2022.

Discussion points:

  • Don’t beat yourself up, start fresh
  • Weight loss is more about lifestyle and diet than strength training or workouts
  • How Jonathan Goodman differentiates between influencers vs. real training
  • Don’t fall for the quick fix challenges if you want long term results
  • Pre-training assessments – find out your basic health markers first
  • Focus first on the seven basic human body compound movements like hinge, rotate, squat, push, pull, etc.
  • Start slow!Make sure you’re doing the basics – walk, water, sleep
  • Statistics through the first months of the year – gym visits vs. fast food consumption
  • Not just the gym – you must choose something you enjoy!Walking, Peleton, swimming, hiking, biking, Zumba, etc.
  • Download our free 30:30 Blueprint for workout ideas



Jonathan Goodman’s PTDC Training Website

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Free Strength Matters 30:30 Blueprint

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Strength Matters Website

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“You often have to make many mistakes before you find the right solution.” – James Breese


“Walk for thirty minutes a day, then let me know how you get on at the end of the month. I promise you most people have lost a lot more weight than they would imagine.” – James Breese


“I don’t go to the gym because I want to be a ‘bro’ and hang out with all the bro’s in the corner and keep taking selfies.  They’re posing.  Don’t be those guys.” – Josh Kennedy


“Just reconsider joining one of those stupid 28-day programs or juice cleanses or anything like that at all. You can think bigger than that. Think more long term.” – James Breese


“The ‘system’ is more important than the diet itself, trust me.” – James Breese

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