How to Start Training if You’re Overweight

Do you think that getting beat down during a workout is the best way to start your weight loss program? Do you think that doing burpees will jump-start your fitness goals? What about heavy barbells for strength training, do you plan to start there? These approaches are all wrong.

Today we are discussing the best ways to start your weight loss safely and with a program, you can maintain long term. The most important way to begin is by assessing your baseline. Do you know your actual body fat percentage? Do you know your waist-to-height ratio? How far can you walk in 20 minutes?  What’s your resting heart rate? These are all crucial to know before planning or beginning what kind of workout or health program for weight loss.

In today’s episode, we will review all these steps and tell you how to ease into a healthy strength or weight loss program that won’t destroy your body or your resolve in the first week. Whether you have never worked out before, or you’re returning to working out after some downtime, we’ve got the right way for you to get into a training program that is tailored to your body and where it’s at right now.

Discussion points:

  • Josh jokes that he’s jealous of James’ Star Wars mug
  • Discussion of early experiences as a military fitness instructor and doing things the wrong way, because we didn’t know any better at the time
  • How building slowly is the right way to begin
  • What kinds of assessments you should do (or have done) before working out
  • The four areas we assess are health, movement, strength, & cardio
  • If getting on the scale is too scary, start with waist to height ratio
  • You need that baseline so you can get inspired when there’s progress
  • Our starting assessment exercises – sitting in a deep squat, balancing on one leg, planking, hanging from a bar, and more
  • Preparing yourself for at least a 12-month program, to start
  • Don’t overload yourself right away, or you’ll drop the program and get discouraged
  • Start with the basics we always recommend– walk, water, sleep
  • Stay tuned for some new video content coming soon
  • Call us for a free consultation, no pressure

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