How to Navigate the World of Supplements with Ben Coomber

Today we are thrilled to have Ben Coomber join us on the podcast.  Ben is the founder of Awesome Supplements, a 100% plant-based collection of health supplements with amazing flavor, effective ingredients, and a newly rebranded, greener packaging and manufacturing process.

We don’t have guests on to promote their products unless we personally believe in them.  James uses the Chocolate Salted Caramel powder, and we both agree that the taste and quality are above and beyond your average supplement line.

Join us as we talk with Ben about a wide variety of topics, such as the devastating effects of long Covid, issues with poor gut health and how to improve it, taking care of young children, and our aging bodies.  Find out how Ben got into producing supplements and the many bumps along the road to where Awesome Supplements are today.


“There’s every point in eating well, even if not exercising because it supports every other system and output for your body, for your mind.” – Ben Coomber


“You just need to find the positivity, do the work, move forward, and block out the noise.” – Ben Coomber


“The specific [gut microbiome] problem is usually needing a very specific protocol.” – Ben Coomber


“I had to frikkin’ milk goats, every day of my life until I was 16! If you give it to me now, I will instantly vomit.” – James Breese


“Just be careful with a lot of alternative milks because a lot of them are quite high in sugar.” – Ben Coomber


“We help fuel people’s ‘awesome.’” – Ben Coomber

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