SMP 63: How To Maximise Your Training Potential With DNAFit & Andrew Steele

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Andrew Steele is a 400m runner and an Olympic Athlete, born and raised in the UK, and today he’s going to talk about DNA Fit and our results following their assessment of us.

DNA Fit is a company that examines individual genomes to see how we all respond to fitness, health, and nutrition. If you ever wanted a completely tailored workout or training session, this episode is for you!

As a professional athlete (and one who missed the Olympic qualifications by .6 seconds – ouch!), Andrew took it upon himself to take a closer look at his own body to see how he shaped up to different training techniques.

“I’ve been a professional athlete for 12 years,” he says, “So I’ve had a long time to do trial and error in my training.” With DNA Fit, you can reduce the amount of error and discover how your body breaks down carbohydrates, clings to body fat, or has an increased risk for health issues, as well as whether you respond better to high-endurance, low-impact, or different types of training. Want to know how you shape up? Tune in for the inside scoop, including:

  • Consequences and learning opportunities that evolve from changing up your training
  • A close look at DNA Fit and what your DNA says about your health and fitness
  • How environment and genetics work together to help you reach your health goals
  • How we shape up and compare with other Olympians (Josh thinks he’s The Hulk)
  • Why a glass of wine can make a huge difference in your fitness routine

And in honor of today’s amazing episode, DNA Fit is offering a special for Strength Matters! So if you want your own DNA Fit kit, now’s your chance. Visit to take advantage of the deal and uncover your own Hulk Mode.

If you want to connect with Andrew, check out Linked In or tweet him @AndrewSteele

And for a closer look at the amazing dive team Seb talks about in the beginning of this episode, visit @diver_tough on Instagram


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