How To Make Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Stick

A new year is a good time to set new goals for yourself, and many of those goals revolve around fitness. However, it’s well known that New Year’s resolutions aren’t always effective – a very large number of them fail every year. If you’re thinking about setting fitness-related resolutions for yourself this year, what you need to do is learn how to stick to an exercise routine like a pro. Listen in to hear Josh and James discuss why New Year’s resolutions fail, why you have a better chance of success if you start with simple habits, and why you should focus more on ritual than on results.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Statistics on how many New Year’s resolutions fail
  • Why New Year’s resolutions fail
  • Starting with smaller, simpler habits
  • Starting with habits that are manageable
  • Why you shouldn’t focus too much on results
  • Focusing on the ritual
  • Why who you surround yourself with matters
  • How small things add up to make a big difference
  • Why you need to know what your current level of fitness is
  • Being specific and precise about your goals

Quotes From the Show:

“It’s the Netflix binge society that we live in today. We expect results instantly, it’s instant gratification. It’s not going to happen like this.” –James Breese

“You can drag them with you, but you can sometimes be dragged down by the people closest to you at the same time.” –James Breese

“See what happens when you do make your bed every day. See what happens after that.” –James Breese

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