How To Get Fit For The Ski Season

Are you prepared for the winter ski season? If you’re considering a ski vacation or participating in other winter sports, you want to be physically prepared so that you don’t wind up in the medical center. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss James Breese’s experience with winter sports and mountain training. Listen in to hear about when and why ski injuries happen, how to prepare for the difference in altitude, and where you can start when it comes to training for the mountains.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How ski workouts that you find on Google differ from what James would suggest
  • James’s experience with skiing and mountain training
  • What percentage of people visiting the mountains for skiing aren’t physically prepared for the challenge
  • When the most ski injuries happen
  • Accounting for the difference the altitude makes
  • How to prepare for the altitude change in training
  • What James saw from average folks in the mountains last year
  • Where people can start with training for the mountains
  • Building volume and aerobic efficiency

Quotes From the Show:

“The biggest problem with these 15-20 minute workouts is that people think that that’s going to get them in shape in less than two to three weeks to get onto the mountains to enjoy themselves.” –James Breese

“You need to be efficient in your movements.” –James Breese

“If anyone’s about to go skiing or snowboarding or do anything else in the mountains this year and you’ve only got a finite time, the best thing you can probably do is put a weight vest on, and go for some serious, serious hikes.” –James Breese

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