How to Cycle Faster, and Stronger Than Ever Before

The Strength Matters duo, James and Josh, are back this week for an episode focused on the cycling performance of the everyday athlete over 30. 

James outlines some of the critical factors that affect athlete performance on the bike and some important things to consider when you are looking to get better – and, *SPOILER ALERT* – it is NOT just about getting stronger.  If you feel like you are just barely hanging on when riding for fun, maybe it’s time to make a few adjustments while training on your own so you can get that performance improvement you want. Today’s episode may have just the tips and answers you need to do that in time for summer.

Discussion points:

  • James’ history in cycling
  • How to improve our cycling performance
  • Reasons performance is generally not good
  • Formula for ideal weight to height ratio
  • Mobility and Core stability
  • The importance of volume in cycling training
  • Focus on building volume slowly


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“In health terms, for any normal human being without the backup of a full team, it is quite simply stupid – in my opinion. – James Breese

“If you want to have more fun, if you don’t want to be hanging off the back of that peloton… you’ve got to lose some weight.” – James Breese

“Lose some weight and your power to weight ratio is going to be better.” – Josh Kennedy

“Spend more time on your own. Use the headwinds, do easy work, do volume, volume volume, and then go back out.” – James Breese

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