How to Calculate Rest Periods Using Your Heart Rate

James Breese shares some of our research and recent findings on using heart rate as a personalized method of recovery in between high-intensity training intervals. While this is a less popular way to do interval training – mainly because it is so personalized –  this may very well be one of the best ways to ensure you build your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness at exactly the right pace for your body.

Everyday athletes over the age of 30 should definitely try this method to ensure you don’t push yourself too much (or too little) – so make the absolute most out of your training sessions.

Discussion points:


  • GI Joe and Barbie disconcerting body measurements
  • Sprinting for Fat Loss not good for people over 30.
  • Speed Training is for athletes
  • Using your heart rate to rest and recover
  • Calculating your aerobic threshold
  • Aerobic workout with heart-rate intervals
  • Final Advice



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“I’m not using a minute, two minutes rest. I’m using my heart rate as the gauge to tell me when I can go again.” – James Breese


“What we’re trying to improve on using this method is your ability to recover faster and it’s more tailored to you.” – James Breese


If you’re over 30 and new to training, build a low aerobic base first… then progress it to nice intervals.” – James Breese


“For fat loss, you need high intensity.” – Josh Kennedy


“At 160 minus your age, it gives you a personalized ability to recover faster, and we’re seeing faster improvements on aerobic capacity because of it.” – James Breese

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