How to Bounce Back from Illness

James has just come out of a pretty severe bout of illness where he struggled with intestinal problems, fatigue, and water retention. Obviously, his training went out the window as it should, but even though he did not over-eat, he still gained weight. James points out that tracking calories while you’re ill is not recommended but he felt that it just might be good to share the data – which he does in today’s episode. James talks a bit about his road to recovery and what he feels was the biggest help in feeling better.

Discussion points:

  • James’ recovery journey
  • Why they made this episode
  • Getting nutrition right
  • Healing the gut
  • James’ week away – sleeping better
  • Starting back up training
  • Deficiency in nutrients
  • Take your time to get back
  • James’ weight gain and reporting back on his fat loss program



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“So we’re talking just two months now of me not training, not running not doing anything other than just trying to get through it.” – James Breese


“So that’s the idea today. To share the systems, the plans we put into place to try and get me over this.” – James Breese


“I was probably deficient in quite a few things and I wasn’t aware of it.” – James Breese


“We’d probably recommend if they think they’ve got a deficiency, do get tested – don’t just start off taking all sorts of supplements.” – Josh Kennedy


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