How Technology Is Changing The Way We Workout

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Just like every other industry, the fitness industry is changing, in large part as a result of technology. Consumer demand also has an effect on the industry, and technology allows consumers to have much more information about fitness and the fitness industry, which may affect the kinds of demands they have.

Today’s guest, Michael Cunico, is the National Fitness Manager for Fitness First Australia. In this role, Michael develops both fitness products and programming, which means that he’s familiar with the way that the industry is changing, where consumer demand is headed, and what’s driving the changes in the industry. Listen to the episode to hear what Michael has to say about wearable tech, fat loss myths, convincing older generations to practice strength training, and more.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Michael’s experience representing Australia at the World Cup
  • How Michael got into the fitness industry
  • How the fitness industry has changed over the last five to ten years
  • Current trends in the fitness industry
  • How demographics have changed in fitness club memberships
  • How technology has affected gyms and fitness clubs
  • Whether or not technology has improved the fitness industry for the better
  • Advice for listeners who are considering joining a gym but don’t know where to start
  • Best exercises for people to incorporate into their training
  • How to encourage the older generation to try strength training
  • Whether it’s possible to lose weight and build muscle
  • Fat loss myths
  • The benefits of HIIT (High-intensity interval training) programs and how best to approach HIIT
  • Fitness industry trends that Michael expects to see in coming years
  • Who Michael thinks people should be following in the fitness industry

Links and Resources:

Michael Cunico

Fitness First Australia

Michael on Instagram


“We put our first sled track in – it would be no more than five years ago. And now, if a club doesn’t have a sled track, it’s anarchy.”

“I think we’re seeing a real change in fitness – people want more offerings.”

“An element of strength training should be part of everyone’s life if they can fit it in.”

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