How NOT to Run Your First Ultra Marathon

In this episode James and Josh chat about the common mistakes people make when signing up for their first big race. For some it’s an ultra marathon and for others it might be their first 5k. Regardless, preparation is key to enjoying the experience. They share a few great tips when you start your training and things to focus on when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare. Remembering that building up your running volume in advance is the best way to make sure you are well-prepared for race day.

Even though you may not necessarily want to finish your big race on the podium, preparing properly is incredibly important if you want to have fun, feel strong and remain enthusiastic about doing again – which is of course, the point!

Discussion points:

  • Are you ready to run?
    • Waist to hight ratio below 0.5
    • Ankle mobility
    • 2min deep squat
    • Eyes closed single leg balance
    • Current daily steps
  • The volume technique to build up work capacity
  • The Importance of experience in races
  • Stacking approach
  • What is your goal? Beginner, intermediate, advanced.
  • Example workout week


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“You might need to plan for it, and perhaps, train for it in a sensible way.”  – Josh Kennedy


“You need to aim for under the amount you’re doing and build it up gradually, using the volume technique to prepare your joints and everything for the stresses of running.” – James Breese


“The general golden rule is no more than 10% increase in distance per week.” – Josh Kennedy


“Start slow, build up volume over time and get to your race distance.” – James Breese

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