How I Plan to Lose the Last 10lbs

In today’s episode, we discuss the approach we decided to take to help get James back in shape after being ill for several weeks. We run through all the steps we took to ensure that we build James’ strength and aerobic fitness up slowly enough so as to not push his body too hard too soon. We share some of the details on the exact training elements we utilized to help him get into his pre-illness shape (or better) and reach his goal weight.

We are excited to share some details on upcoming podcast guests so listen to the end to get the full scoop. There are also some fantastic new Strengtmatters resources coming your way soon so keep an eye on for the latest on that.


Discussion points:


  • The new drone and our YouTube channel
  • James’ weight gain during his illness
  • Easing James back into training
  • Figuring out James’ goal weight
  • Going into the fat loss plan
  • The training program
  • The kettlebell for metabolic work
  • The diet
  • Starting slowly
  • The importance of sleep
  • The nutrition PDF coming soon
  • Upcoming podcast guests




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“The thing I realized is that if you’re not feeling good, it’s almost impossible to do a fat-loss phase because it just makes you more miserable. – James Breese


“You’ve got to get consistent first – you can’t just jump into this kind of plan. This that I’ve given you now is advanced stuff.” – Josh Kennedy


“That was the starting point – knowing how much weight I need to lose to be able to get to where I want to get to.” – James Breese


“If you’re not sleeping well, you definitely cannot do this kind of thing.” – Josh Kennedy

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