How Does Online Personal Training Work?

In today’s episode, we thought it would be helpful to explain how online personal training works. Even though, at Strength Matters, we have been trailblazing our own hybrid training process.

We talk through what online training usually looks like and share some of the details around our program and the way we like to work with clients. We have seen fantastic results and we’re excited to share with you why we think our training method has been such a success.

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Discussion points:

  • The general process of online training
  • Face to face vs online
  • Going beyond just training when online
  • Requirements for online training
  • Levels of online training
  • The training you choose depends on your goals
  • The Strength Matters program process
  • The assessments
  • Your personalized program
  • Feedback on your goal progress
  • Free resources on


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“We have a hybrid model that works in person and online and that’s what I think the future is.” – James Breese


“Solely online coaching works really well for busy people who can’t commit to a certain time, certain place every week.” – James Breese


“You do need to have a certain mindset for it [online coaching] to work for you though, you do have to have a lot of self-motivation and discipline.” – Josh Kennedy

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