How Busy People Eat Well

Today we discuss our tips and tricks for eating well when crunched for time.  Join us as we discuss taking ham sandwiches on the road, avoiding fast food, and different ways to steer clear of carbs.  From utilizing a slow-cooker to preparing large batches to use throughout the week, we’ll give you our best ideas for creating a routine, saving time, and planning better so you can eat good food no matter how busy you are.

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Discussion points:

  • How we made mistakes planning food for our filming session road trip
  • Prepping food for your week ahead and the 7P rule
  • Utilizing a slow-cooker and batch cooking
  • Subbing veg and salads for carbs
  • Planning is key for simplifying ‘eating well’
  • Using intermittent fasting when traveling
  • Are meal replacement shakes a good strategy?
  • Batches of soup are a great meal for the winter
  • Read about our nutrition system in our new book, available on Black Friday


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“Plan and prep in advance, as much as you can.” – Josh Kennedy


“It goes back to the 7 P’s: ‘Proper planning and preparation prevent piss poor performance.” – Josh Kennedy


“He drives an hour one way to get olive oil…that’s how much he loves cooking.” – James Breese


“Have a slow-cooker in your house, it’s a life saver.” – Josh Kennedy


“It sounds boring but if you keep to a routine and its something you enjoy…it becomes habit, it becomes quick.” – James Breese

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