How and Why Muscle Fiber Types Impact Exercise Selection

Did you know that there are different muscle fiber types? In today’s episode, James and Josh discuss the different muscle fiber types and what they mean for the way that you work out. Listen in to hear them talk about the different types of muscle fibers, what they do, and how they may be affecting things like football injuries.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:


  • Research into muscle fiber types
  • Training different muscle groups in a different way
  • The different types of muscle fibers
  • How muscle fibers may affect football injuries
  • How fiber types can be trained to change
  • Training calves
  • Breakdown of the different muscle’s fiber types
  • How reps will be affected by muscle fiber


Strength Matters

Quotes From the Show:


“For performance, we’ve got to start thinking about muscular endurance stuff.”


“Triceps – now this is interesting – 67% type 2. I would never have thought that in a million years.”


“Based on those muscle fiber types, we’re going to adapt those reps, sets, and the intensity of the whole exercise based on that and what you need to do.”


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