GoPro Hero 5 Black Review: Perfect For Exercise Demonstration Videos

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GoPro Hero 5 Black Review

I lead an incredibly active lifestyle so I’m brilliant at breaking things—or that’s my excuse anyway. Devices such as iPads or laptops tend to be smashed by kettlebells and my iPhone’s screen has a life expectancy like that of a Jenga tower in a child’s playpen. I’m cursed when it comes to using tech and gadgets, so the GoPro Hero 5 Black sat in its box for several weeks as I procrastinated about learning how to use it.

Finally, duty called. My job as director of athletic performance for Strength Matters required me to make a series of exercise demonstration videos, something I would have historically made using an iPhone, but a friend reliably informed me that a GoPro would make things much easier and produce better footage.

After watching a short YouTube tutorial, I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to start using. Navigating my way through the modes and changing the settings to suit my needs was simple to understand and implement, even for me.

When filming, the GoPro connects to an app on my iPhone, which makes the process extremely efficient. I particularly love that there are different angle options. Changing angles, resolution, and modes is also very easily done while on the move. There’s a small screen on the back enabling playback of the footage, giving me the option to delete or re-shoot if necessary.

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I certainly put the robustness to the test. I made the most of the super innovative chest harness, the extendable selfie stick and have even attached it to a kettlebell. The GoPro has been unintentionally bashed by a boulder while trail running, dunked in salt water and has been punched many times while strapped to my chest during boxing training. I particularly love the fact that the footage captured during these bouts of active filming doesn’t shake, blur or jerk around—it’s smooth, crystal clear and professional looking.

Being a Welshman in San Diego, I’m constantly being asked to repeat myself because people don’t always understand my British accent. Unfortunately, the GoPro can’t seem to understand me either because I couldn’t get the voice command function to work for the life of me. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a little heavy handed with equipment and I managed to break the thread of the tripod legs within the first couple of weeks. I wish those were as robust as the rest of the package, which seems rather indestructible.

The GoPro Hero 5 Black has certainly made my life easier. Thanks to this awesome gadget, I’m receiving compliments for the considerably higher quality clips that I produce for Instagram and Strength Matters exercise demonstrations. Little do they know that my video editing and is the same low standard as ever—the GoPro just makes me look good. Thank you, GoPro.

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