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It has always been my intention to help Everyday Athletes harness their full potential. But what does it mean to be athletic?

“By definition, it is to be physically active and strong—two things we should all—man, woman, 25 years old or 55 years young—strive toward.”

The word “athlete” usually conjures an image of the 1%, either the professional sportsperson or Hollywood’s perfectly chiseled celebrity. What about the other 99%? Using the same measures that elite athletes do, my dream has been to help guide and coach the Everyday Athlete into a healthy, sustainable and realistic state of fitness ready for whatever the game of life throws at them.

By delving into what it takes to be mentally strong as well as nutritionally sound, the focus has always been less about counting calories and more about living to 100.

Over the last decade the general population’s hunger for knowledge about fitness and wellness has skyrocketed, and increasingly people want to know what the coaches, personal trainers and nutrition experts know. That is why it’s their voices, points of view and expertise we feature and will continue to feature.

It’s also why we help them become the best at what they do.

We know that people who love health and fitness have lives outside the gym—and we plan to start exploring that too as we move forward with Strength Matters 2.0.

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Whether it is indulging in our coffee obsession, tracking down the healthiest (and tastiest) places to eat, drink and stay in in highly sought-after travel destinations, or reviewing the latest fitness gadgets and workout gear, you can trust us to share the best of what is out there.

We know that sometimes life gets in the way of everything else, but healthy living shouldn’t be one of those things. It has taken us nearly two years to truly find our voice, and finally, after a lot of soul-searching and self-discovery, we have a clear roadmap for our future.

Welcome to Strength Matters 2.0.

You have an inner athlete—let us help you tap into it.

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The Future Of Strength Matters
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The Future Of Strength Matters
James Breese explains the future direction of Strength Matters and introduces the concept of Strength Matters 2.0 and the Everyday Athlete.
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Strength Matters
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    Love the new direction! Excited to see and learn more!

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