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James Breese, Founder

"This is one of the most in-depth pieces of educational training we've ever created and we're giving it away for FREE. This is so important, we're making every one of our online coaching clients go through it before we start working with them. And it's yours today for FREE!" 
How To Develop Superior Athletic Strength, Become More Resilient & Age Gracefully Without Investing Thousands Of $$$ In Training Resources...
 This is an in-depth educational video series, with over 40 bite-size videos that you can work through in your own time, so that you can become the Ultimate Everyday Athlete.
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Are You A Rookie, Explorer Or A Pro? 
Find Out Where You Sit In The Everyday Athlete Training System...
As you go through this in-depth training course you will have the opportunity to find out if you're a Rookie, Explorer or a Pro - our three assessment levels of Everyday Athlete. This allows us to create workouts accurately and for you to continually self-assess and know where you are in the Everyday Athlete training system.
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Series One
  •  What Is Everyday Athleticism & The Everyday Athlete?
  •  The Ten Components Of Athleticism Explained
  • The Three Layers Of Athleticism & Why We Need To Train #1 First
  •  What Are The Seven Human Movements
  •  What Is The Difference Between Joint Mobility & Stretching?
  •  The Importance Of Breathing
  •  The Three Pillars Of Managing Body Composition
  •  Daily Habits To Improve Body Composition
  •  Diet Habits For The Everyday Athlete & Why Food Is Medicine
You'll Even Have A Quiz After Each Section To Monitor & Track Your Progress
Series Two
  •  How To Diaphgramatically Breathe
  •  Breathing During Movement
  • What Is Imprint?
  •  What Is The Core?
  •  What Is Flexion Vs  Extension?
  •  How To Do A Proper Plank
  •  Introducing The Hip Hinge Continuum
  •  Understanding The Squat
  •  Mobility Vs Flexibility
  •  The LAWS Of All Workouts
  •  Contract > Relax > Stretching
  •  The Importance Of Recovery Breathing
  •  Why Sitting During Exercise Is Bad?
  •  How To Test Your Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
And If All That Wasn't Enough...
Series Three
  •  The Difference Between Anatomical Vs Mechanical Breathing
  •  The Different Muscles In The Body: Phasic Vs Tonic
  • How To Create Inta-Abdominal Pressure
  •  What Is Shoulder Packing?
  •  What Is Tension?
  •  How To Create Tension?
  •  Tension Vs Relaxation
  •  How To Brace For A Lift?
  •  Understanding The Movement Continuums
  •  Lower Back Pain Management
  •  How To Self-Assess? Are You A Rookie, Explorer Or A Pro?
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