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A Complete Training System to Help You Lose Weight, Get Stronger, and Live Better.

Learn the world's most effective strategies for people over 30 who want to lose weight, get stronger and live better.

What You'll Get...

  • A Complete Breakdown of the Strength Matters Athletic Development Model
  • The Simple Process that Delivers Results, Like Clockwork for Even the Toughest of Everyday Athletes
  • How to Interpret The Ten Components of Athleticism and Establish Your True Athletic Weakness
What You'll Learn...
The Strength Matters Fitness Model
The Strength Matters Model provides a visual illustration of the Four Key Components of health and fitness that must be managed and strengthened to create long-term success. This model applies to elite and beginners alike, in any sport and for any goal.
The Everyday Athlete Scoring System
The everyday athlete scoring system was designed to provide a quick and easy way for both coach and athlete to identify weaknesses and training priorities. It shows a total overall score from all four fitness model areas and then breaks each of them down by each assessment. 
The Hierarchy Of Athletic Development
We’ve defined athleticism as having ten key components and will introduce you to the Hierarchy of Athletic Development. When it comes to our own athletic development, we need to remain objective and look at our fitness and athleticism through a clear, unbiased lens. 
The Strength Matters Process
The Strength Matters Process provides a proven way to put all the pieces together, incorporating each of the Strength Matters Tools and assessments in the right order to best strengthen each key component for your own health and wellbeing.

James Breese - Strength Matters Founder

"Whether you're a complete beginner or an elite athlete, the first step is to find out where you are on your athletic journey and follow a system that is reliable, predictable and tried and trusted.

Download this FREE Training Series and get clear on YOUR current level of fitness and start to address your training imbalances today. It just flat out works."

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Over the last 10 years we’ve coached thousands of clients in 100+ countries; educated nearly 10,000 health and fitness professionals; been featured in top publications; and consulted with the world's biggest companies.
What People Are Saying About Strength Matters...

Geni Ligday - Everyday Athlete

"The Strength Matters program has allowed me to break boundaries, release limitations and given me the freedom to do more, be more and enjoy more".

Taylor Starch - Everyday Athlete

"The Strength Matters team has put together a brilliant system of training that leaves no stone unturned. They’re able to pin-point gaps in your training quickly and turn your weaknesses into strengths. This isn’t a quick fix, it’s a solution for the long haul that delivers results. Thank you Strength Matters”.
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