An Overview Of The Strength Matters System

This is an opportunity to finally get a grip on your health & fitness with the expert team from Strength Matters. The 20-Minute Meeting paints a clear picture of the Strength Matters System to help you decide if it’s right for you – and there’s no obligation.

During your 20-Minute Meeting, you’ll learn how Strength Matters can help you…

  • Get your health & fitness goals on the same page with a crystal-clear vision and roadmap
  • Get relevant, practical advice you can apply immediately
  • Resolve all of your health & fitness issues – for good!
  • Develop a disciplined, accountable training plan
  • Create consistency with your workouts and nutrition

Whether or not you decide to hire an expert coach to help you, this meeting is a critical step in determining if you should move forward with implementing the Strength Matters System to achieve your health & fitness goals.

Meet Three Of Our Current Members

Please enjoy watching the stories of people just like you who came to work with the Strength Matters Team – and became healthier and happier within weeks.

Want Help Deciding If Strength Matters Is Right For You?

Talk to a Coach First.

Still not 100% sure that a Strength Matters Coaching Program is right for you? Perhaps you have some questions and think it would be best to talk to someone at Strength Matters first. Please click the button below to schedule a 20-Minute Meeting today. One of our expert coaches will take the time to answer all of your questions over the phone. The call is free, and you are under no obligation to sign up afterwards.

Free Two Week Trial

We realize some people may need to “try it before I buy it.” It could be that you’re not sure a new training plan will work, or you had a bad experience in the past. If this sounds like you, click the button below to schedule your 20-Minute Meeting and discuss your concerns with an expert coach. If you start a Strength Matters Coaching Program and find it’s not right for you, simply notify us within two weeks for a full refund.

Give Us Just 90 Days. You’ll Get Results Or Your Money Back.

Lots Of Companies Guarantee Their Products. We Guarantee Our Services Too.

Does your gym or personal trainer guarantee your results? Well, we do. Commit to us for at least 90 days and we will transform you. We’re so confident in the Strength Matters System, if you haven’t improved in at least three quantifiable fitness measures in 90 days, we’ll give you your money back.

To be eligible for this guarantee, you must follow your Strength Matters Coaching Program for a minimum of three days a week for a period of three months. Let’s get started!


Best. Decision. Ever.

“I’m now on the Strength Maters Coaching Program and I cannot fault a thing. My programme is addressing my weaknesses and it’s delivered in a really pragmatic, viable way that I’m wholeheartedly enjoying. Strength Matters remains a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be otherwise tainted by ego and dogma”.

~ Lydia Woodland. Mother, Fitness Professional. Aged 30+.


A Fresh & Effective Way Of Thinking.

“I’ve never felt stronger, fitter, flexible and more rounded athletically. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck with anyone elses program and I have this immense sense to see how far I can go. Real results in the real world…..”.

~ John Withinshaw. Professional, Everyday Athlete, Aged 40+.

Results Guaranteed In 90 Days Or Less…Or Your Money Back

We understand some people want to know more about pricing and our coaches before they start working with us at Strength Matters. If you want to know what it costs and which coaches are available, then please click the button below to schedule a 20-Minute Meeting.

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