These Four Software Systems Could Help You Grow Your Fitness Business.

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As a self-confessed tech geek, I’m always keeping up to date with the latest apps, gadgets and software systems and regularly share with close friends and family what’s working and what’s not. But in recent months, I’ve been asked more and more by fitness professionals which software tools and systems I would recommend to help them grow, manage and maintain their fitness businesses, and make their day- to-day admin that much easier.

Before I recommend any software or apps, it’s important that you grasp this key concept: without structure, clear systems or organization in your business, you will always fail and constantly be chasing your tail. You have to dedicate time—a lot of time—to putting this structure in place to begin with. Trust me, it will be worth it.

With that in mind, here are the four software services and solutions I recommend that every leading fitness professional should have.

One Fit Stop.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system will be your greatest asset in business. It allows you to start organizing your customers, clients and contacts into categories that will allow you to build, maintain and develop meaningful and sustainable relationships. And as a business owner, it can help automate all the admin tasks that take hours and hours to do. Time that could be better spent doing other, more important work.

At Strength Matters, we love OneFitStop. Having been around the industry long enough to see all the CRM and client management software that’s out there, nothing beats OneFitStop for its ease of us, versatile features, stunning interface and more importantly, the agile ability of its team and designers to implement new ideas, tools, and suggestions from their clients and customers.

You have all the features you would expect of a high-end client management system: create and book sessions and classes, track attendance and payments, access client files etc. etc. But what I love the most about OneFitStop is the custom mobile app option that allows you to take your customer experience to the next level, making it easy for your clients and members to use.

I could go on and on. If Strength Matters had a gym, this would be the client management system that we would use. Full stop.

So, if you’re still using your mobile, spreadsheets and Facebook Messenger to communicate with clients, stop. Take your professionalism to the next level and look at OneFitStop. You’ll thank me for it later.

Learn More About OneFitStop

The Fitbot (as used by Strength Matters)

Well, I think it says it all in the title. We use Fitbot at Strength Matters daily, and it makes up a significant part of our business. We use it to design, deliver and track our clients’ workouts completely online and it’s allowing us to scale our remote coaching business for Everyday Athletes. Without it, this wouldn’t be possible.

It also provides the best user experience for our clients. They can easily log their workouts, get real-time messaging from our coaches and track and visualize their progress. No more lost emails, phone calls, chasing them up for results. This is a significant piece of software that I truly believe every gym owner and fitness professional should implement into their coaching practice.

We can provide better client care, become more professional and increase efficiency. Clients and members feel this with every interaction within the Fitbot interface. It creates a truly unique customer experience and one we can’t speak highly enough of.

If you’re sick of using spreadsheets for your training programs and want to take the professionalism and client experience of your business to the next level. This is for you.

Learn more about The Fitbot

Nudge Coach (as used by Strength Matters)

Combined with The Fitbot, this has been a game changer for Strength Matters. I honestly feel personalized lifestyle management is the future of fitness, and Nudge Coach is leading the way by reimagining the client/user experience.

The question that we are constantly trying to find an answer for is, how do you manage what people are doing the other 23 hours of the day when they aren’t working out? I think we may have found it in Nudge Coach. People love data and technology. Tie in an element of gamification and encourage people to track their behaviors, it becomes truly life changing.

By simply connecting to health tracking apps and having a platform to monitor, interact and engage with on the coaching side, allows you, the coach, to see exactly what’s going on in a client’s life. It provides an element of professionalism that goes way beyond any other service provider out there. You can quickly and easily interact with your clients away from the gym floor. And it takes seconds, literally!

At Strength Matters, the two key factors we track are water intake and steps. It provides a solid foundation for all other habits.

Again, we can’t recommend this platform enough. If you’re not using this yet, your competitors will be soon enough.

Learn more about

97 Display Fitness Websites

Websites. We all need one these days. They can cost just a few pennies to hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. Either way, there’s no getting away from it. When it comes to having a website, you pay for what you get.

I also believe that it’s the final piece of the puzzle after you implement the three other software solutions above. Because, without structure, what are you going to do with the new leads coming into your business? They will get lost and wasted.

97 Display is without a doubt the best fitness website design company on the planet, for several reasons.

  1. It’s what they do. They work with thousands of fitness businesses around the world and know exactly what works.
  2. The software they use is connected to all other fitness business websites that they have implemented around the world. So, not only are they tracking the data from your website, they’re tracking from everyone’s and using this data to update themes, website performance and everything else on a regular basis.
  3. The price. There’s no fixed upfront cost because they offer a monthly membership solution. The onus is on them to deliver. A very bold promise that not many companies can live up to.

But a website is a website is a website, right?

Wrong. It’s all about the implementation and making sure you get found. Getting a website up is easy. It’s making you appear at the top of Google—and keeping you there—that’s the hard part. And that’s exactly what 97 Display does.

Here’s a recent quote from Jerry Trubman, Senior Strength Matters Instructor about his recent switch to 97 Display:

“The new website’s performance is awesome! I’m getting leads like I’ve never gotten before, and since the implementation of the new site, we’ve gotten more new clients in the last month than we get in a typical year. Kudos to 97 Display! Best marketing money I’ve spent in a while.” – Jerry Trubman, The Protocol, Tucson, AZ

97 Display is easily the best value for money website solution out there for Fitness professionals and gym owners. They go above and beyond, getting your website up and running in record time, and making sure your business gets found. We’ve had nothing but positive experiences and it’s why I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Our website needs are far more complex here at Strength Matters, but when we do have the Strength Matters gym, there’s only going to be one website company I will be using.

Learn more about 97 Display here and download their FREE Guide on what to ask your web developer!

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  • Phil Beene

    Brilliant, thanks for sharing James!

    Love how as you read this you can really see how this set of systems would work together to let businesses create a pretty amazing ‘customer journey’ and ‘client experience’ – all the way from discovering the business/website via search (97Display), through onboarding and member mgmt (OneFitStop), specific workouts (Fitbot), and lifestyle management and ongoing engagement for all the health habits in-between (Nudge Coach). Great post!

    • James Breese

      Welcome, Phil! Exactly how I wanted it to come across…

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