Fat Loss: Where to Start with Nutrition

Josh Kennedy James Breese continue their discussion about Strength Matters’ recently updated fat loss program. They go into a little more detail about how they calculate maintenance calories – which is the all-important starting point for their weight-loss program.

While fat loss and diets are not an exact science – that there are ways to still achieve your weight loss goals with a little focus and hard work – especially with the help of the Strength Matters team.

Table of Contents

Discussion points:

  • Importance of “WWS” (Walk, Water, Sleep)
  • Influence of Sleep on Nutrition
  • Need to be in the right frame of mind to start approaching your weight loss journey
  • Establish your starting point (maintenance calories)
  • Muller Equation
  • Example Calculation
  • What happens when eating at maintenance
  • Get to maintenance to correct metabolism
  • Work out goals
  • How long should one be in deficit?
  • Refeed days
  • January Fat loss month
  • Importance of Protein


Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker

Muller Equation

Fit over 30 Facebook Group

Strength Matters Website

Strength Matters Magazine

Strength Matters Instagram





“There is no ideal world in nutrition. Everyone is different, everyone has their own beliefs…” – James Breese


“We need to establish what your base level of calories is because, without that, we can’t do anything.” – James Breese


“If you don’t know the score, you’re not in the game.” – James Breese


“I would say we see [people eating] way under [their maintenance calories] more than we see way over” – Josh Kennedy


“You can’t just go from deficit to maintenance if you’ve been under-eating” – Josh Kennedy




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