The Strength Matters Fat Loss System

This is the time of year when many people are thinking about diets. But one thing people often don’t think about when they start a diet is how they’re going to stop. What’s the exit strategy that will allow you to stay healthy and maintain your weight? How do you prevent the yo-yo dieting cycle?

On today’s show, James Breese joins the podcast to talk about the different levels of the Strength Matters weight loss system, the importance of having an exit strategy, and why you need a refeeding process. Listen in to learn more about how to keep fat off in the coming year.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The Strength Matters fat loss system
  • Why people end up yo-yo dieting
  • Where to start with the fat loss system
  • Level 1.1: WWS (Walk, Water, Sleep)
  • Level 1.2: Breathing
  • Level 1.3 Tracking to find your base level
  • Building habits
  • Probiotics, food sensitivity testing, and elimination diets
  • When to refer out to a medical professional
  • Reverse dieting
  • Calculating the amount of weight you need to lose
  • The refeeding process
  • Going off the refeed period

Quotes From the Show:

“We don’t have a weight loss problem, we have a weight maintenance problem.” –James Breese

“As much as you possibly can, we want people to eat less processed food, we want people to eat quality sources of protein, fresh vegetables, eat slowly at meals.” –James Breese

“We have to start thinking about what’s my get-out, what’s my exit strategy?” –James Breese

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