Family Members’ Health and Diabetes

James shares a bit in today’s episode around his personal journey with his dad’s health. Having been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, James’ father is stubborn and reluctant to change, which has meant that James has had to be rather creative in the ways he has been advising his dad on improving his health.

James shares some of the things that have made a huge difference to his dad’s health since the Diabetes diagnosis and we chat through why these changes are important to implement as a general rule for a healthy lifestyle.

Discussion points:


  • James’ dad’s health history and diabetes diagnosis
  • How to help a stubborn family member
  • Dietary changes
    • Cutting Diary
    • Cutting sugar
    • Drinking more water
  • Implementing WWS (Walk Water Sleep)
  • As family members, be careful offering advice



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“I was helping him lose weight but I wasn’t teaching him life skills” – James Breese


“Gone for walking, get him feeling better, clear his head, better state of mind started walking.” – James Breese


“He’s now making better choices himself” – James Breese


“This is the approach I’m taking with my father, whether it’s the right approach or the wrong approach, it depends, each person is unique.” – James Breese


“Dietary and lifestyle interventions can significantly improve type 2 diabetes – in some people’s cases, put it in remission altogether. “ – Josh Kennedy

“Sometimes with family members you’ve got to sow the seed, plant it and let it sit there for a few weeks and they’ll come out with it thinking it’s their own idea.” – James Breese

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