Exercise Less, More Often: A Discussion

In today’s episode, we share our thoughts on an apparently very controversial podcast episode released by Michael Mosely on his show “Just one thing” on BBC Radio 4. The episode aims to encourage people who are sedentary and who say they don’t have the time to exercise to do some kind of exercise for 10 minutes at a time a few times throughout the day.

We discuss whether this theory makes sense or if the livelihood of personal trainers all over the world hangs in the balance if this idea takes off.

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Discussion points:

  • The podcast that inspired the discussion
  • What does “exercise less” mean?
  • Who is this idea aimed at?
  • Diet is more important than exercise for weight loss
  • Supplementing with vitamins and minerals
  • Will this work for everyday athletes?
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“He’s not aiming at the everyday athlete demographic which is only 10% of the world population – there’s 90% of the population that just don’t do enough exercise.” – James Breese


“For me, he was indeed aiming at people that don’t really do anything, don’t think they’ve got time to do anything.” – Josh Kennedy


“They don’t have to be everyday athlete level but if they want to see improvements in their health, a couple of random 10 minutes a day – may do some benefits at the start, but you’re going to plateau.” – James Breese


“The ultimate goal is to get you working out for an hour.” – Josh Kennedy


“Exercise is for health. Diet, nutrition, and lifestyle are what impact your weight loss.” James Breese


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