The Every Day Athletes Guide To Surviving Holiday Eating

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The New York Times recently released an article called, “This is Probably the Least You’ll Weigh All Year. Sorry” where they shed light on the fact that according to population data, Americans are at their lightest in October, spending Halloween through the New Year gaining, on average, two additional pounds each year. The most harmful part of this weight-gain is that very few actually take it back off.

“At this point, I encourage you to simply ‘Google’ ‘one pound of body fat’ and allow yourself some shock and awe in the images section. How many Holiday celebrations are wrecking your waistline?”

Do the Holidays have you feeling fat, bloated, tired, achy, foggy and miserable? If you find yourself unbuttoning those britches post-dinner or loosening up that belt to make some extra room, you are by far not alone. Somehow we have gotten it into our heads that this time of year means eating loads of processed carbohydrates and sugar-laden foods in the form of cakes, cookies, pies and candies. And it doesn’t stop there – sugars are hidden in the baked beans, the salad dressings and all the gravy and glaze.

“Let us not forget the additional sweeteners in the liquored beverages that help us to survive all the festive moments at work parties and those awkwardly forced conversations with distant relatives where the small talk never ends. We are led to believe that sugar and spice and everything spiked will help us endure those joyful moments.”

The article also pointed out that for those who do take the weight back off, it often takes them until April to see the difference on the scale. It is always the same story every year – we promise ourselves to go into food rehab on January 1st. Holidays are a festive, joyous time for us to celebrate with friends and family. You can avoid turning the social functions into processed food orgies that do nothing good for your health or your waistline by simply saying no to the foods that contribute to diabesity.

Debbie’s Top Tips To Keep You Looking Good Naked During The Holiday Season

  • Don’t Skip Meals On The Big Party Day.

    Mini-starvations and calorie counting are not going to help your blood sugar, your metabolism or your mood. Keep in mind that controlling your blood sugar is the ideal way to lose body fat. Have your breakfast, your lunch and even your dinner if time allots. Make sure every meal has protein, healthy fats and fiber from veggies to hit all the winning hormones to stay full and satisfied.

  • Eat Before You Go.

    If you can focus on consuming the right foods before you get to a party you will have a better chance at avoiding the urge to indulge on treats when you feel full and satisfied.

  • Load Up On Real Foods First.

    There is no shame in favoring the vegetable tray (minus that inflammatory Ranch dressing), choosing fruits and non-gluten grains, healthy fats and animal protein. These foods signal your brain to stop eating; making you less likely to reach for sugary processed foods and dessert.

  • Expect A Run-in With The Sugar Pushers.

    They guilt trip you about your health concerns and consistently persuade you to “live a little”. Use this moment to share your knowledge and your goals and never feel ashamed for standing strong. If you don’t choose your health, no one else will.

  • Be Aware Of Food Sensitivities.

    Both dairy and gluten are linked to insulin resistance and, therefore, weight gain. This one move may be the single most important thing you can do to lose weight.

  • Bring An Emergency Food Pack.

    When you are unaware what the food choices will be – come prepared. This can be a real lifesaver. You can always have something before you go in and after you leave if you are still hungry. Good food pack examples include nut butter, apples, and a protein bar. This will keep you satisfied so hunger doesn’t get the best of the situation.

  • Bring Your Supplements.

    I always tell my patients that this can make all the difference. If you’re unsure of what you’re getting into (gluten and dairy, ahem), be sure to bring along digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid tablets to help you avoid the discomfort of bloating and indigestion. My company makes a great one with all of the above combined and a special complex that helps break down gluten and dairy proteins specifically. Never allow supplements as a hall pass to eat the things you know you should avoid.

  • Watch Your Alcohol.

    This neurotoxin, if taken too far, will make you a failure in the presence of junk food.  If you drink at parties, stick with a dry wine or have tequila. Please avoid the eggnog and other sugary alcoholic beverages. Also remember to stay hydrated during the event.

    “Hopefully, these tips can keep you focused through the Holidays and you can enter January feeling proud of your newly established relationship with food and your waistline has you adding holes in your belt because it’s actually too big instead of too small. Healthy Holidays!”

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