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Today we talk with the guys from Propane Fitness. Jonny and Yusef are both powerlifters, but they also incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their routines. They believe that mind and body should be incorporated into a training routine.

These two hail from Newcastle and attended York University. Jonny is studying economics and is a power lifter and along with Yusef runs the website Propane Fitness. Yusef is a powerlifter, a gymnast and studies medicine. They originally set up the website Propane Fitness as a brain dump to track their own progress and experiments.

They now offer fitness advice to everyone from the average fitness enthusiast to power lifters and competitive athletes. Yusef first began mediation to integrate mind and body into his fitness routine. He believes high performing individuals make time for meditation, and get a return back on their time in productivity. Jonny has also taken up the practice.

They have also changed their opinions about diet and clean eating. They don’t only focus on the macros of diet, they focus on nutrition, and vitamins and eating whole foods. Diet is important, but if it is too restrictive or not healthy it won’t work and you won’t feel good. They invented the Propane Protocol which is a simple starting point for weight control and fitness goals. They tried to make the protocol as simple as possible while still being effective.

Today’s topics include:

  • How meditating enough to notice the benefits affects your whole outlook
  • Flow and movement can put you into a meditative state
  • How to get started with meditation and resources that will help
  • Having a website that documents failures as well as success has appeal
  • Focusing on strength and performance is more pleasant than focusing on leanness
  • Macros: amounts of carbs, fats and protein matter, but whole foods need to be eaten
  • Learn about the Propane Protocol

Links and resources:

Propane Fitness

Leo Babauta – Zen Habits



10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head

Dancing Beyond Thought: Bhagavad Gita Verses

Jonny and Yusef’s IIFYM Article on Propane Fitness

YouTube PropaneFitness

Instagram @PropaneFitness

Facebook PropaneFitness

Twitter @PropaneFitness

Parting advice from Jonny and Yusef is that If you are trying to start a new fitness program, give the Propane Protocol a try, and you can only change what is measured, so track your progress.

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“You can imbue a mindful approach into any sport.” Yusef

“Meditation is worth the investment, you get the return back in productivity” Yusef

“We strive to have a decent amount of whole and processed foods” Jonny


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