EA 12 : The Everyday Athlete’s Guide To Injury Recovery With Scott Olsen

Welcome to episode 12 of the Everyday Athlete. I am your host, Josh Kennedy. Today, I am talking to Scott Olsen from Beyond The Muscle. Scott is a regular presenter on our whiteboard Wednesdays along with Phil Mcdougal. Today we talk about the fascia and its importance in the body. We also talk about Chinese therapy, injury recovery, performance, rehab, correctives, and more. He even helps me with my dodgy Achilles.

Scott specializes in injury recovery. He became involved in body work through his martial arts training. He also learned massage and neuromuscular therapy. He worked with triathletes who do incredibly high volume training. This can result in issues with tendons, soft joints, and fascia. For Josh, a pattern of overload or tissue compression could be the issue with his Achilles injury, but his alignment could also be off. Scott uses his knowledge and experience to dive into this and more.

Today’s topics include:

  • The great speakers that our featured at the Strength Matters Summit
  • Trying to pinpoint the issue with Josh’s Achilles and how to help him fix it
  • Biomechanics and zeroing in on movements and finding trigger points
  • Stability, mobility, and tissue glide.
  • Using a wall touch to improve mobility
  • The glute bridge and firing stabilizers for people with tight muscles
  • Proper breathe mechanics
  • Using meditation and martial arts to learn advanced breathe techniques
  • How the fascia surrounds our bodies and bones
  • Breathing activates the fascia and tissue that surrounds the body
  • Having a descending diaphragm when breathing or belly breathing
  • Good breathing mechanics makes the body more resilient and strong
  • Dynamic breathing takes a load off of the spine
  • Using the TSS sound to activate the diaphragm muscles
  • Zipping up the pubic symphysis and zipping it towards our ribs
  • The more we move dynamically the better we learn to move
  • Fascial intelligence and practices that engage the fascia more
  • Moving more slowly will help to activate the fascia
  • How gentle movements help to free the body from pain

Links and resources:


“If the alignment of the tissue is off it’s going to turn into microtraumas and tears.” Scott Olsen

“Tendonitis can be caused by chronic overload. The goal is to relieve the tension.” Scott Olsen

“When we dial in to proper breathing a lot of good things happen in our lives.” Scott Olsen

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