Ep 37: How Jogging In Burundi Became An Act Of War With Peter Frick-Wright

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Outdoor athletics are about more than just getting in shape. They’re about having adventures, taking risks, and seeing what you can learn along the way.

Today’s guest is Peter Frick-Wright, a writer, radio-maker, and host of the Outside Podcast. Peter studied at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and has reported from a range of diverse locations like Bosnia, Burma, Burundi, and Bolivia. Peter’s taste for adventure and journalistic instincts have helped him accumulate some fascinating stories. Listen to today’s episode to hear what Peter has to say about outdoor adventures, recovering from injuries, and reporting from interesting locations.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Why Peter got into journalism
  • How Peter found the first story that he published
  • Peter’s podcast, Outside Podcast, and what got him started in podcasting
  • The audience that Peter is trying to reach with Outside Podcast
  • Peter’s history with adventure
  • What Peter learned writing about running clubs in Burundi
  • What Peter’s training schedule looks like.
  • Getting back into running and training after an injury
  • What it was like to go on an adventure looking for a plane that crashed on top of a glacier several decades ago
  • How Peter sustained an injury while canyoneering
  • What it’s like to survive an outdoor trauma
  • Whether surviving an injury leads to more caution or more incentive to go out and have more adventures
  • The story that Peter is proudest of

Links and Resources:

Peter Frick-Wright

Outside Podcast


“It felt sort of strange to be walking around asking people about their exercise habits in the middle of a civil war, but no one really blinked. Everyone sort of realized that this was important.”


“I feel like I’m kind of a connoisseur of different kinds of endorphin rushes.”


“I used to sort of relish these moments of doing something a little bit risky or a little bit stupid, just kind of like, pushing that edge a little bit, and now I’m a little more aware of how wrong things can go.

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