Ep 36: Surviving Aconcagua: Scaling The Highest Mountain In S.America With Matt Shore

It’s easy to think of personal training as something that takes place in a gym, but many of the best physical challenges take place in the great outdoors. That means that great personal trainers can be found outdoors as well.

Today’s guest is Matt Shore, found of Train Strong personal training, and an expert with 18 years in the fitness field. Matt conducts outdoor training classes and boot camps, and he’s also not afraid of taking on some tough physical challenges himself. Listen to the episode to hear Matt talk about the personal training business and climbing Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Matt’s background in the fitness field and how he got into personal training
  • Why Matt decided to go into outdoor training and boot camps instead of being a personal trainer in a gym
  • How Matt charges for his classes
  • Advice for trainers who are interested in setting up boot camps
  • How social media, website rankings, and word-of-mouth advertising factor into the marketing strategy for Matt’s boot camps
  • Why Matt is organizing mountain trips
  • Matt’s involvement in the Fan Dance race, and why he decided to participate
  • The toughest part of the Fan Dance race
  • How Matt trained for the Fan Dance race
  • Information about Mount Aconcagua and why Matt wanted to climb it
  • The biggest risks and dangers when climbing Aconcagua
  • How training for Aconcagua differed from training for other types of events
  • How Matt trained for coping with the high altitude of Aconcagua
  • The different ways that high altitude can affect climbers
  • How mindset work helped Matt with the climb
  • Advice for others considering climbing Aconcagua or taking on a similar challenge
  • New challenges that Matt plans on undertaking

Links and Resources:

Matt Shore

Train Strong

Quotes by Matt:

“It’s about challenging myself and just kind of seeing where I’m at in relation to certain standards.”

“It’s amazing what you can achieve if you just kind of get out of the way of yourself and let go of the idea of what you think you’re capable of.”

“I just think really it’s about trying to always listen to your body and connect with it, and trying to stay out of your head.”


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