Ep 35: The Secret To A Strong And Healthy Mindset With Simon Lovell

If you’re a personal trainer or someone who wants to run their own fitness business, you know that things like physical fitness and nutrition are important. But do you also know that having the right mindset is just as important?

In today’s episode, I’ll talk to Simon Lovell, an author, speaker, and CEO of Fitpreneurs. Throughout Simon’s interesting career, which involves personal training, turning an ebook into a bestseller, and becoming a pro at business and marketing, he’s learned the value of having the right mindset. Listen to the episode to hear Simon talk about overcoming personal demons, building a strong mindset, and taking your dreams from thoughts to realities.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why Simon wears onesies
  • How bullying affected Simon in his youth and led him to get into martial arts and other fitness pursuits
  • Simon’s history as a personal trainer
  • How Simon overcame his addictions
  • The importance of having support groups and mentors
  • How dreams can become realities
  • The best way to deal with life’s challenges
  • How to have difficult conversations and handle the backlash
  • Why it’s important to be congruent and in alignment
  • The keys to a strong mindset
  • How Simon got inspired to begin coaching and mentoring
  • How stress can prevent you from tapping into creativity
  • What type of meditation Simon recommends
  • How Simon came to work with Tony Robbins, and how the experience changed his mindset and approach to business
  • What qualities people should look for in a mentor
  • Simon’s goals for the future
  • One of Simon’s favorite quotes
  • Simon’s experience sharing a hot tub with Richard Branson

Links and Resources:

Simon Lovell

Simon on Facebook


The Lunchbox Diet

Quotes by Simon:

“Fitness is one component, nutrition is another, but if you don’t add the mind element, people will sabotage, they’ll fall back into bad habits again.”

“Every thought that we have creates a belief system. And that belief system shapes our identity and who we are.”

“Everything that you have in your life right now started with a thought. And everything that you’re going to have in your life going forward will also start with a thought.”


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