Ep 34: How To Track Muscle Health Through Ultrasound With Andy Jackson

In order to get more physically fit and improve your athletic abilities, it’s important to be able to assess your current physical condition and track how it changes over time. Assessing the health and condition of your muscles is particularly important, and today’s guest is an expert on that subject.

Andy Jackson is the President and CEO of MuscleSound. Andy has a long track record in the industry, including 20 years working in product development, sales, and marketing for FitPro Group and as the former CEO of Cloudtag. Listen to the episode to hear what Andy has to say about Musclesound’s technology and what it can do for everyday athletes.

Today’s topics include:

  • Andy’s history with FitPro and Cloudtag, and how he came to MuscleSound
  • What MuscleSound can do
  • The technology used by MuscleSound
  • The different factors are looked at when assessing muscles, and the different kinds of assessments
  • Examples of how athletes use and benefit from MuscleSound
  • How MuscleSound technology can be used by physical therapists to help patients manage pain or recovery from an injury
  • How much muscle mass people lose as they age
  • Muscle quality and how MuscleSound can measure and track it
  • How MuscleSound’s technology can be applied in medical settings, such as cancer treatment
  • How a muscle health assessment can demonstrate what kind of progress people are making toward their fitness goals
  • Why MuscleSound’s muscle health assessment is less invasive than other methods of measuring muscle
  • Research and studies that involve MuscleSound technology
  • How to get trained to use MuscleSound
  • What a typical day looks like for Andy
  • Why Andy is excited about Vivobarefoot shoes
  • Andy’s advice for new entrepreneurs
  • Andy’s biggest mistakes and how he overcame them

Links and Resources:

Andy Jackson



Quotes by Andy:

“The use of our muscle size measurement is used a lot in muscle balance, rehab, and recovery from injury.”

“If you think about everything that you do in life, having a good-size quality muscle will affect everything.”

“Our system’s no different to a wearable or anything else. Each individual will find the thing that suits them and get the information that they need.”

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